> Finished Knitting

Hooded Cowl
Crocheted Dishcloths
Baktus scarf
Carol's Chemo Hat
Orange Hat for the local charity
Bozeman headband
Blue & green mittens
Mug rug
Finished cowl
Rosa Hat
Carols Fingerless Gloves
Blue cowl
Commuter Fingerless Gloves (closed)
Commuter Fingerless Gloves-closed bottom
Commuter Fingerless Gloves-bottom
Commuter Fingerless Gloves
OJ's Sweater
My Green and White Hat
Jim's Fingerless Mitts
Hello Baby Hat
Mitchells Sweater
Tractor Buttons
Baby Hat/Beret
Crandberry Mittens
Denim Socks
Elaines Hat
Ribby Toque
Chicago socks
Fingerless gloves
Jim's Seamans Hat
Orange fingerless gloves
Durango hat
A plate of cupcakes
3 Button Shawl-top button
3 Button Shawl-bottom button
3 Button Shawl-middle button
Fall wrist warmers
Wrist wamers
Wrist warmers fall colors
Wrist Warmers
Cupcake Purse
Felted Easter Basket
Easter Basket (not felted yet)
Labyrinth Carpetbag
Yummy Yarn
Finished Neck Cozy
Finished Scarf