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wooden box



Cleaning the glue

Wood box

The last of our busyness has come to an end.  We had along with the granddaughters, two of the grandsons here to help paint the logs of our home.  The grandsons were here at separate times and in the times when painting was either done or couldn't be done because of rain they each worked on a project out in the barn with their grandfather teaching them some skills.  The first grandson was here with the granddaughters and he made a knife.  Unfortunately I was busy with the girls while they were making their quilts I never went out to the barn to take pictures of his progress or the finished product with him :(

This grandson came later as he was detasseling the corn in Minnesota and in his downtime he wanted to make a box for his tools since he is taking woodworking in High school this coming year.  I'd say he did an awesome job on his box and trust me when I say the other grandson did an awesome job on his knife.


a perfect spot for the canoe

We hung up Jim's canoe that he made the first weekend that we were here at the farm.  It just fits perfectly in our log home.

Hanging the canoe 

Son-in-law Shawn helped to hang it up.

Shawn hanging the canoe 

I think it looks great hanging up.

The canoe


We are finally here.  The chickens came with us on this trip.  They seem to be doing okay.  One of the Americana's laid an egg not long after we got here, so they must not have been shocked too bad.  We still have a few things yet back in Illinois, but we'll be getting those when we go back from time to time.  It finally looks like a home compared to these pictures. 

I'm tired and there's still some work yet to do before I hit the sack tonight.



the things on my to-do list are getting crossed off







My cards are written but not mailed.

I'm almost 100% done with my shopping. (since I'm not quite done I'll only cross off half)

The gifts are wrapped.  (first time ever)

Baking...I still need to get to that.

Plan the meal for Christmas Eve...(I think I have an idea for that)

Not too bad if I do say so myself.  I don't think I've missed anything.

Jim has started to work on his boat again.  Here he is...hmmm...He's going to shoot me cause I can't remember what he is doing here and I just asked him and I just took the picture.


Only that I had to help him draw the curve...I do remember that he'll cut out the drawn curve and it somehow goes in the bow of the boat...I think!  To see more of his work on the boat go HERE.  Or just click on the link at the top of my blog Jim's Work Bench.

Making the curve

Son Jason is heading back from Texas...He was flown there for a job interview.  He made it to the 3rd interview and I hope it went well.  He'll be graduating in May and hopefully he'll land this job.  I'm excited for him and Kate.  It will be a long way from home if they do move but getting that first job out of school is pretty important.  I'm going to be selfish in that I hope he gets the job just so we can go there in the cold months to visit :0

Wouldn't you?

Hope you all had a great day and that your weeks going good.

jim's workbench

Stanley 45

My husband Jim has started a flickr account.  It is called Jim's Workbench.  There you will see the progress of the boat he is making and possibly other projects to be made down the road when the skiff is done.  Head on over and check it out.  If you want to keep up with the progress of it, I have a link tab at the top of my blog.

busy times here at the homestead


We woke up this morning to a bit of frost on the ground.  Later my daughter pointed out the steam coming off the playhouse.  It looked like there was smoke coming out of the chimney...but, there is no chimney.

Another busy weekend comes to an end.  It was our fall services weekend, plus our daughter Carri came down with her kids for a long weekend, plus someone in our house had a birthday...All this rolled into one weekend...Whew!!

Jim started another wood working project. 


He's making another boat.  He's already made a canoe. But, I can't recall what type this boat is going to be.



I'll keep you posted as the boat starts to take shape.

I hope you all have had a nice weekend.  I'm going to relax the rest of the day.  I have a book that is calling me.