an easter sunday drive

On Easter Sunday we went for a wonderful brunch, we left early and took a scenic drive to get there.







We passed through Amish country.





I hope you enjoyed the scenic drive we took and the sights we saw along the way.  We have had more company come and right now we are dog sitting for our son and daughter-in-laws dogs while they are at a wedding in Minnesota.

life in the hills

New calf


Fog in valley

Egg starters

It's that time of year again when the calves are being born.  I love driving past the farms and seeing the new births.  This morning we woke up to fog coming up from the valley.  The seedlings I've planted aren't going to have the best start as we haven't seen the sun for a couple of days.  So, right now they are under a lamp and I'm hoping that will help get them started.  Right now it's snowing out...WHAT?!?!!!!!!  It's not sticking but it is coming down...sigh!  Oh what an April Fools joke.

eagles and sewing

We took a drive the other day out to Prairie du Chien and on the way out we went by the eagles nest.  This is actually a new nest that the eagles built, which is nice because I can get better shots of the new nest without having to walk along the field to get closer.

Eagles nest

Someone was home sitting on the nest, you can barely see it's head.

Eagle in nest

I ran up to the Dells to shop today, I fought the high winds that we had, and on the way back home I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things.  It always brings a smile to my face when I see a buggy at the hitching post and seeing a hitching post outside of stores around here is something I had never experienced until moving here.


I found a wallet and an overnight bag pattern I've been wanting to make, so when I got home I made a pot of chicken vegetable soup and then headed to my sewing room to make the "Handy Wallet".  I found both the patterns in a magazine.  It's still pretty drab around here so I thought I would go outside of my box and pick brighter colors for the wallet and overnight bag which is called "The Weekender".


Now that winter seems to be almost over and spring is just around the corner it feels so good to be getting out and about.

wild turkeys




Looking out the window towards the back of the house I spied a turkey walking through the pine trees.  On closer look I could see more of them, I believe there were 13 turkey's in all. 

This is what I love about living in Wisconsin, wildlife this close.

taking a walk

Coming home from Texas I told myself I wanted to keep walking even in the cold weather.  So come on with me on my walk and see some of the sights I see.

Thick coats

Farm view

My partner

Going home

Blind driveway

Ridge view



I hope you enjoyed the walk and the snow photos. 

road trip

A couple of weeks ago we got a call from one of our Texas daughters saying that she will be in Minneapolis for the weekend and would we want to meet for lunch, of course we would.  So, we took a road trip up to Red Wing Minnesota.

As always, I grabbed some knitting.  I will confess, I have more than one knitting project going on at the same time :)

Coffee and knitting

Heading through the hills the fog was in the valleys.  It made for some pretty shots.

Fog in the valley


We of course had to stop into the Red Wing Shoe Museum.  Mr used to buy Red Wing boots when he worked construction.

Redwing boot

Beautiful days we are having, but I know the colder weather is just around the corner.  The color change hasn't been that great, only seeing a few trees here and there that are really colorful.  How about you all, are the trees changing color in your area?


muddy creek or muddy crick?

How do you pronounce it, Creek or Crick?

Muddy creek

We've had some heavy rains come the other day and the creeks and river were pretty muddy from all the rainfall.  I love the cow path down to the waters edge.

I'm guessing it depends on which part of the country you're from on how one pronounces it.  Or, you can check out the link HERE that has some really neat answers to if it's creek or crick.


greetings from westby wi





Window collage



Father's day we traveled to Westby Wisconsin for a fathers day brunch.  We don't get here that often as it's a bit of a drive.  They have the cutest shops and I have been meaning to take photos of the side of the building where the painted windows are. 

For a small town it's busy, busy, busy.