they're back

Bo male

Male and female



Upside down eating

Taking a break from the regular scheduled program of Door County photos, I thought I would share a few current photos.  The Baltimore Orioles are back visiting the feeders.  The female just can't quite get the hang of using the feeder.




Relaxing in Baileys Harbor Door County, June 2013.  Still more photos to come from our Door County trip last June.  I thought a break from lighthouses would be good time to throw in other shots from the trip.


pheasant run

Mr caught sight of this pheasant as we were driving by, you can see his color more in the top photo than in the other ones.

Pheasant head

Pheasant 1

Pheasant 2

Pheasant 3

Pheasant 4


Lots going on around here, I've hardly been home at all over the past couple of weeks.  I've neglected my blog and I haven't been reading blogs, just been too busy. 

I will be back soon, I promise.


silly young'un

Thinks he can pick off a duck.  We got to see a funny thing with a young eagle trying to get one of the ducks in the water.  Sorry that some of the shots aren't that clear, it went so fast I couldn't focus well.  It started off with the eagle flying by the duck in the second photo, then circling around and going in.

Young one

Flying by

Making the turn

Heading in

The duck was too fast for him.

Going under

Heading out

He gave up and went to scope out more prey.

At the top

I'm thinking that the adult eagle sitting high in the tree was having a good laugh watching it all go down.  Probably thinking silly young'un.

Adult eagle

Hope you enjoyed this series of photos, it really was a sight to see.

Have a wonderful day!


coyote sighting

We hear the coyotes at night but I have yet to see one, until now.  Mr spied it going across the neighbors field as we were leaving the farm.


Coyote 1

I think it was aware of us being up on the hill and when it got to the edge of the tree line, it turned and looked over at where we were at.

Coyote 2

Our neighbor figures it has a den somewhere close by.  It's been spotted about 3 times in broad daylight.

I'm glad he was out and about on this day.


5 days

It's been five days since I've last posted.  I have been to Illinois twice to bring and pick Mr up from the airport.  He went to Georgia for a class on fly rod building.  I didn't want to be stuck for 8 days without a vehicle so I drove him to O'Hare airport stayed the night with our son and his family, went back home and puttered around, went to lunch with a friend, did some sewing, then at the end of the week I drove back to Illinois and stayed the night with my daughter and her family.  It was fun visiting with them both and seeing the grand-kids.

Looking out my kitchen window this morning, seeing Mr out on the tractor in -11 temps plowing the drive, it has been blowing and drifting here.

Out my window  Plowing

Plowing the drive

Blowing snow

On Sunday we spied an eagle sitting up in a tree on the other side of the hay field.  I'll have you know, I had just gotten out of the shower, I had a soaking wet head under my wool hat, we had strapped on the snowshoes and Mr and I trudged out across the deep snow covered hay field to try and get up close to it.  I was pumped to be able to get as close to it as we did.

High in tree_edited

Eagle 1-14

Then yesterday looking out the patio window I spied a red headed woodpecker at the feeder. This one hasn't been visiting for awhile but the blue jay sure has.  These were shot through the window.

Red headed

Blue jay

If you are having the cold temps, I hope you are all staying warm.


at the feeder

Finch feeder

Checking the view


Trying to stay warm here, puttering around the house and doing a bit of sewing, but mostly enjoying the birds that are coming to the feeder.