A close-up of the eagles.

Two eagles


Calving time

Amish plow

It's still looking pretty drab around here and I'm enjoying the blogs that are showing photos of the pretty flowers that are blooming in their areas...sigh...soon.  At times it doesn't even seem like spring has arrived at all, we've had the wood stove going a couple of nights ago.  Speaking of things arriving, we are expecting to get our meat birds on the 14th or 15th depending on when they arrive at the feed store, and we are ready.

eagles and sewing

We took a drive the other day out to Prairie du Chien and on the way out we went by the eagles nest.  This is actually a new nest that the eagles built, which is nice because I can get better shots of the new nest without having to walk along the field to get closer.

Eagles nest

Someone was home sitting on the nest, you can barely see it's head.

Eagle in nest

I ran up to the Dells to shop today, I fought the high winds that we had, and on the way back home I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things.  It always brings a smile to my face when I see a buggy at the hitching post and seeing a hitching post outside of stores around here is something I had never experienced until moving here.


I found a wallet and an overnight bag pattern I've been wanting to make, so when I got home I made a pot of chicken vegetable soup and then headed to my sewing room to make the "Handy Wallet".  I found both the patterns in a magazine.  It's still pretty drab around here so I thought I would go outside of my box and pick brighter colors for the wallet and overnight bag which is called "The Weekender".


Now that winter seems to be almost over and spring is just around the corner it feels so good to be getting out and about.

wild turkeys




Looking out the window towards the back of the house I spied a turkey walking through the pine trees.  On closer look I could see more of them, I believe there were 13 turkey's in all. 

This is what I love about living in Wisconsin, wildlife this close.

some visitors

I haven't fed the birds this winter, since we were going to be gone I quit feeding them late fall.

Blue jay

Cardinal 2


This next one is a new one to the feeder.  After searching my bird book and the internet I think I found what it was.

I think it's a Tufted Titmouse.

Unknown bird1

 It feels good to see my visitors back again.

this and that

I've been wanting to redo my bathroom.  Other than the outside wall which are logs, this is the only place in the house that I can paint and give color to.  I have wanted to either get a new bathroom cabinet or paint it with Annie Sloan paint, so I decided to paint it.  I want to replace the counter top, but right now that will have to wait.

Bathroom cabinet redo

This morning as the sun was coming up it really shined beautifully on the side yard.

Side yard sun

I finally got some window clings that will hopefully help the birds from flying into the window.  I picked maple leafs to put on the window.  So far we haven't had any causalities only stunned birds that after some time eventually flew away, and I want to keep it that way.


So I have a couple of questions for you all.

Did you wear green today?


Did you have corned beef and cabbage?


a neat sight to see

This is my view every morning, but when I looked out this morning I spied something that is not usually there. 

Can you see it?

The view

It was a deer bedded down.

Bedding deer

We figure that deer bed down amongst the pines all the time we just have never seen it until now.

What a sight to wake up to.


who's king?

On Sunday mornings we go our for breakfast at a small family owned cafe that is awesome and on our way there we passed some kine of animal kill but when we realized what was going on all the crows and eagles took off, they all seemed to be fighting for feeding rights.  But on the way home we kept our eyes out for it and this is what we came upon.

There were crows of course, but we also spied 4 or 5 bald eagles and what we think was a golden eagle.

Crows and eagles

We stopped and watched awhile and these were the only two left after getting spooked by us.


The lone one, he wasn't eating just standing there and letting everyone know that he was king.

Lone one

We might have made him a bit nervous being there so he decided to take off and soar,

Taking off

and soar he did, circled around like he wanted us to know that he'll be back.


This is why I love living where I live so much, I see something awesome almost every time I step outside my home.



Update on the turkey eggs, something had gotten to them and the hen, turkey feathers were found not far from the nest where the eggs had been.  I was totally sick about it all.  We have been seeing a fox hanging around the area and the other night on our way home we had seen a baby fox, otherwise known as a kit, cub or pup and we found out where the den is and there are at least 5 of them.


Two kits



Not sure if these are the ones that got the eggs and hen or if coyotes did.  I'm thinking maybe the coyotes are the culprit.

Mr and I both were very disappointed in the discovery.


can you see it?

Nest 1

It's there hidden amongst the branches and leaves.

Nest 3

It's a wild turkey nest.


Eggs 2

Eggs 1

Mr was out working in the bush clearing all the brush that had been cut down and piled up after the goats had visited.  Sadie actually scared the hen off the nest and Mr went to investigate and found the nest.

This is such an exciting find, I hope to be able to get other photos of it.