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and so, my project begins

Last night was my weaving class and I have to tell you I did not want to go.  After a long day at work I just wanted to stay home and veg-out.  But, I went and I'm so glad I did, because we started our projects.  We used a warping board to measure out our warp ends.  I had to wrap my warp threads around the pegs so that I had a total of 224 warp threads.  Some had to do way more than that.  I was pretty happy to have picked a smaller project for my first time weaving.  Some of the ladies were sorry they picked the projects that they did.

A warping board

When I was all done I had to tie on some "choke ties", and that is exactly what you want to do is "choke" the threads so that they stay tied and can't get tangled.

Choke ties

After all the choke ties are in place you start taking the warp off the warping board....Very carefully tho...Once it's all off the warping board you make a chain with the warp.  It reminded me of macrame.

Warp chain page 

This is my warp chain.  I picked the colors pink and raisin for my project.  I am making a cover or runner to go on the top of our piano.  I was happy to have finished last night because the instructor was there to help, but a bit sorry because I would have been able to take the warping board home to finish.  Then I could have shown you exactly what it looked like instead of pictures from my weaving book. 

Warp chain 

I'm going to take my camera to class from now on and hopefully the instructor won't mind me taking pictures of my progress.

i'm ready for the next project

Before I actually started taking out the mop yarn I finished the edge with a straight stitch and a zig-zag stitch.

Pulling out the mop yarn

The mop yarn is taken out and it's all ready to have the fringe cut off.

Finishing the ends

I decided to leave a bit of a fringe on the edge.  It's washed and dried.  The yarn closed nice and tight almost like felting but not quite that tight.  It feels soft like a baby blanket.

Finished edge 

Even tho it's just a sampler it's found a home on my table.

Table runner

Now I can't wait to start the next project.

i knew if i did this i would be hooked

I'm telling you it's addicting.

This is what we worked on starting with the first class.

Sample weave 

We learned to weave many different weaving patterns.  Here you can see the different patterns that are really in no particular order to resemble any type of pattern.


The instructor is teaching us pretty much everything in a compact sort of way.  How much can we really learn in 10 weeks other than the really important things right? She taught us what to do if we break a thread or warp as they are really called.  So to demonstrate that she reached over to the back of my loom and snipped a thread.  You should have heard the gasps from all of us.

This is the added thread and when it's all finished you will not know which warp thread had broke.  At least I hope you won't be able to.

Added yarn

To finish off this piece I have to do a wet finish on it and those white mop threads that you see on the ends in the top photo will not be there when I'm done.  Let's just hope I do it right and the finished edges will look how they are supposed to look.  If I do a fringe edge you'll know I chickened out and picked an easy way to finish them :)

do i really need to learn something else?

You bet I do!  I got an e-mail from a gal last summer if anyone from our knitting group was interested in learning how to weave.  I was very interested.  So when I got another e-mail with all the info I quickly signed up and last night was my first class.  The instructor only takes about 7 students per session. 

Learning to weave

I have to tell you I really loved it.  We started learning how to weave right away last night.  I couldn't believe it.  I guess I wasn't sure what to expect on the first night.  The class is only 2 hours long and runs for 10 weeks.  I didn't want it to end last night.  I wanted to keep going.  I really wished that I had taken my camera but I wasn't too sure how the instructor would feel about that.  Each of us works on our own loom and we had to put our names on them so we'll know which one is ours for next week. 

We'll be doing a project and I have to think of something to weave.  I'm thinking of making either a table runner or something for the top of our piano.  This will be a project that we won't be finishing in class.  We'll each get to take the loom we're working on home so we can finish our project and when we're done we give the loom back.  How trusting is that.

How many more days until the next class?  The week is going to go by sooooooooooooooo slow.