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in like a lion

Game photo

Hockey collage

Birthday collage

Dumping the snow

3 deer

4 deer

Peacock loom

That's how March came in for us. 

Whew, we are home and I hope I can get some things done around here, and get back to blogging again.

Mr and I along with 2 of our sons went to the Black Hawk Stadium Series hockey game, Chicago vs Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday March 1st.  It was a lot of fun despite the heavy snowfall.  The outcome was a good one, the Hawks won 5-1.

Our grandson from Michigan will be turning one, it was fun being able to celebrate his birthday and the cousins had a blast playing together.

We woke up this morning to another snowfall.  I don't mind the snow I'm just happy the colder temps are finally gone.  The snow pile keeps getting higher and higher.

No matter where you go you see deer out and about in the middle of the day looking for food.

My daughter-in-law and I went to a thrift store and I found a 12" two harness Peacock Loom, by Handcrafters from Waupun Wisconsin.  I had to do a bit of digging on the web to find out what kind of loom it was.  I was excited to have found it for the price I paid.  There is one heddle on the beater that is broken, I'm hoping to be able to fix it somehow.

Hope you all are doing good.  I'm hoping that life slows down a bit, I'm staying put for awhile not planning to go anywhere, we are waiting tho for sugaring to start up, but it looks like it's going to be awhile yet.


weekend happenings

Finished off the rug that was on the loom that I was making for the sauna.  I needed to get this done before we move my loom down to my sewing room.

Finishing the edge

The Baltimore Orioles are here to stay and seem to want to fight at the feeder.

Going at it

We covered our plants as there was a late frost, we figured we'd just use our sap buckets to cover them.  Worked like a charm!

Covered plants

I had a wonderful weekend and Mothers Day!  The sewing room is done to the point that I can move my things down there.  It will be awhile before I get my cutting counter as we had to order the cabinets.  But everything is going smoothly and I should be all set up by the time my parents move here.  I figured it'll be a great time to go through all my stuff and pitch whatever I no longer want or use.  I've got lots of ideas for the room and I can't wait until it's all done, so sewing will be put on hold for me.  I'm sorry I didn't take photos of this project.  I will post photos of it when I'm all set up.

Another exciting thing happening around here is that we'll be building a barn!  YEAH!!!!!  I will be taking photos of that project for sure.

I hope Y'All had a great weekend and have an awesome day today!


sauna :: rug

I had finished the sauna rag rug a few days ago and totally forgot to post about it.  It's off the loom and I already have another rug on the loom.

Rug beginning

Checking the edge

Beating the loom

First Rag Rug

This rug is now in the sauna, that's why it's called a sauna rug :)

on the loom

I am absolutely excited.  I finally got the loom warped and I'm making a rag rug for our sauna.  I do plan on making more after this one, but after the process it takes to get the loom warped, I'm going to plan on putting enough warp on to make a couple of rugs at the same time.

Warping board

Sleying the reed

Warp chain

Reed in place






Here we go, I'm ready to weave.


If you don't see me for awhile you know what I'll be doing :)

eta: My first project I started got put aside, and hopefuly now I'll get that done.

still busy on the farm

I got over my nervousness and just jumped in and started a weaving project.  I first had to figure out what I wanted to make, after that was out of the way I had to order some yarn.  I was so pumped that a warping board was included with the loom I bought.  I didn't have to have Jim make one for me.

The warp

This is where I'm at right now with the project.  My warp chain waiting to be sleyed through the reed.

Warp rope 

Friday Jim went back to Illinois for business so Lauren and I went to town.  We walked the streets looking at what the town has to offer in the way of shops.  I did find a scrap booking shop, a quilt shop, a yarn shop a book store, and a few coffee shops/restaurants.  What more could I need right?

Main and church 

We have a quaint old library and I got a new library card.  I remember fondly of the library I went to as a child.  I used to take my older kids there, and it smelled the exact same as I remembered.  Funny how smells stick you with you. 

I had to stop at the post office to mail something.  I felt I was walking back in time when I went in there.  The photo from my previous post is of the bench in front of the post office.

Jim and Lauren did yard work on Saturday.

Dumping grass

Lauren on tractor 

The hens are still doing good and so far not a one has been breakfast, lunch or dinner for the hawks or any other predator.  Here Buffy is taking a dust bath.  I just love watching them do this.

Dust bath

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.



don't pinch me, i don't want to wake up

I just can't believe what has been happening lately.  As you all know from the previous post I started knitting again on the sweater I'm making for myself.  Well, to make a long story short, a mouse...yes a mouse somehow got into our house in Illinois and chewed on some of my good yarn...GASP!!!!!  I know, I know, my heart skipped 10,0000 beats when I found the evidence.  The little bugger also chewed on the yarn that I was knitting my sweater with.  Luckily he didn't chew what I had already knitted.  Anyway back to my story.  I decided to check out the yarn shop in town to see if I could get one more skein just in case I ran a little short, since the little bugger did some damage to the skein.  Talking to the owner at the counter I spied an ad...For Sale 4 harness Kessenich Loom.  After inquiring about the ad, the owner gave me a copy of it.  I couldn't get home fast enough to give the lady a call.  Yes!!!!  She hadn't sold it.  The seller didn't live too far from us, so Jim and I took a ride through the country, and after looking at it and talking with the seller I bought myself a weaving loom.  It is a Kessenich Loom from the 1950's and they were originally made in Wauwatosa Wisconsin.  They are now made in Michigan.

So, here it sits in my living room.  It actually looks very nice there.  I need to do a little bit of cleaning on it, but it's in great shape.

1950s loom 

And with it came some goodies.

Weaving books and supplies

Renee had asked if I plan to do anymore weaving and yes I do, only I wasn't going to buy a new loom as they can be quite expensive.  I've had my eye out for a used one and so did the instructor I took the weaving class from.  

Now, I have lots of reading and learning to do and I can't wait to get started.

I don't know how much I'm going to be around in the next week.  We are having our Minnesota grandchildren starting today.  My daughter and her husband are taking a 10th anniversary trip to Mexico and the kids are coming here for the week.  We'll have lots of fun with them.

I hope you all have an awesome Friday.



the loom

This loom has been in my house since the end of May March and I'm finally getting around to not only showing you it but working on it.  Too much going on around here and not enough fun.

  The loom

I'm really not sure what you would call this...a runner, piano topper...What ever it's called, it's going on the top of my piano.  Here are a few pictures to kind of show you what it's about.

The weave


Open shaft

This is definitely a fun thing to do.  This loom is not mine to keep.  It's on loan from the instructor.  How trusting is that?  All seven of us students got to take the one we worked on home.  I just hope I remember how to take it off the loom when I'm done weaving :)

sleying the reed

I haven't posted about my weaving class and how that's been going.  Before we left for Florida, this is what we did in class.

This top picture is not my work.  I didn't take my camera out until the class was almost over.  This is the start of sleying the reed.

Warp yarns

Here I've started to thread the heddles on the loom.

Threading the heddles 

A side view of the loom and how the beater is tied up to make it easier to thread the warp threads through the heddles.

Table loom side view 

Just another view.

Loom 1

At the end of the class each loom gets folded up to be put in the closet for next week.

Folded loom

Last night was my weaving class and on the way there I realized that I forgot my camera.  Last nights class would have been great to show you, because I did what was called beaming the warp.  I did start to weave and I have to say I'm very happy with the colors and pattern I picked out.

It's been busy as usual around here.  We had to put one of our hens down who was really aggressive towards the other hens to the point of drawing blood.  She was feather pecking them.  We separated the injured hen and she is now on the mend.  Soon we'll reintroduce her back to the flock.

I hope all is going well with you and I'm trying to catch up on all your blogs.

Have a wonderful St Patrick's day.

Who's having corned beef and cabbage?