having fun

Mr and I took a short vacation and headed to Nashville to meet up with some of our kids.  We decided to a bit of sightseeing along the way.  We headed south through Indiana.  We had never been to Terre Haute and thought we'd check it out.

Terre haute

We stayed in Bloomington Indiana the home of the Indiana Hoosiers.


After a night in Indiana, we met some of the kids for lunch.

We visited the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory where we got to see how baseball bats are made.

Ernie banks

After our little stop headed down to see the Shaker Village, where we stayed the night and toured the village.

Shaker quarters

After a wonderful dinner we sat and listened to the live music out on the lawn.


Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of everyone :(


It's been such a busy summer and it's not stopping.

trip west 2014~lava rocks

It's about time I got to posting more photos of our trips.  I am so far behind it isn't even funny.  Here are some lava beds that we found on our way to the Boise Idaho area on our trip west in 2014.  I tried looking online for some more info on this but couldn't find any website that might have talked more about it.  So all I have is the panel here and apparently there were two but for some reason I only took a photo of one :(






In the photo below you can read a bit about the lava rock formation.


Seeing these photos really gets me itching to head west again.

great smoky mountains

On our way to Texas we stayed a night in Gatlinburg Tn.  It was the first time I had ever been there.


Leaving Gatlinburg we drove through the Great Smoky Mountains and had to stop and wait until the road we were going to take opened up.  Not sure what happened only that there was a storm and maybe a tree fell across the road. 

Anyway, we took a hike through the Sugarlands Area on the hiking tails.  We spied a couple of things along the way.

Log bridge


Most of the folks waiting for the road to open up were walking the trails, but no one seemed to walk out to the cabin in the woods, John Ownby's cabin.



We then walked out to Cataract Falls.


I definitely would like to go back and see more of the Great Smoky Mountains.

trip west 2014

Not to confuse anyone but these photos are from the summer of 2014 when we went out west.  We went two summers in a row :)

It was getting dusk when I took the photo in the previous post and the one below.  The one below is a bit blurry as it's a drive-by.


We drove till later evening and then found a campground.  We set up our tent in the dark.

Campsite 4

I woke up to coffee and bacon cooking on the fire.

Campsite 6

Campsite 1

Campsite 2

Campsite 3

Tho we were in bear country it was neat to see this wild rabbit.

Campsite 5

 Still have lots of photos to post yet ;)

beach days

When we walk the beach we also look for shells and this year we found some good ones.  The shells in Galveston are not as pretty as the ones in Sanibel Florida, but I still like them.


Playing pie tag in the sand.

Pie tag

Playing pie tag

Enjoying the sand and sea.


Kite flying on the beach is pretty awesome.

Kite flying

A few finds found on our morning walks.



Hermit crab

The girls and I.

The girls and i

Tho there were cooler days on the beach, that really didn't damper our time spent there.

Again my photos were taken with my cell phone.