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ingomor montana

Population in 2014 was 13 people year round and 15 people seasonally and in 2019 the population was 14.










The Jersey Lilly went up for sale in 2019.  When we were there the Jersey Lilly was the only business in this small town, so in we went and ordered a piece of pie and a cup of coffee.  Talking to the waitress we discovered she was the owner, and talking more with her we found out that she was from Wisconsin as well. 

I'm not sure what it's like there in Ingomor Montana now, but I'd sure like to go back and find out.

it's a new year 2020

It's been quiet here on the blog as we headed south before Christmas.  I decided to take a blog break while we were gone and just got home yesterday.  I didn't take a lot of photos this trip, but here are a few that I took along our way. 



Small town



Our Christmas and New Years was absolutely wonderful and I hope yours was too!

cruise day-1

Day 1 of the cruise was pretty exciting.  I was totally amazed at how huge the ship we were going on was.  I tried taking photos but was just so excited and I would forget to take a picture, but I think I captured the first day pretty good.  These photos are from when the ship was leaving the Cape Liberty Port, Bayonne NJ.











Day 1 ended with a cup of coffee and a delicious dessert of Crème Brulee.  I was in heaven.

quilt cruise quilt

Back in late September early October, I went on a 9 day quilting cruise up the east coast and into Canada. It was a Judy Niemeyer Quiltworx quilt that we had worked on.  I will say that this was my very first cruise.


This was our view when we were sewing.

Sewing area

This was not my quilt, this was one of the instructors quilt, we just had to take a pose with it.


The goal was to finish a quarter of the quilt which most of us did not do. When I got home I started right away on it. I knew that if I put it aside that there was a very good chance that I would forget where I left off and most likely forget how to even put it together. I did not pick the colors, each of us all got the same colors so there will be 30 of these quilts floating around USA and Canada when the others finish theirs.



I have so many photos to share from my cruise that I thought starting with the reason I went on this cruise was a good place to start.

the falls

Going back to our anniversary trip last fall, we left the U.P. and headed back into Wisconsin. 


We stopped at a beautiful waterfall. 








It was a beautiful cool day for a hike to the falls, and the colors were simply awesome!

open pit mine

Here are some photos of the once up and running open pit iron ore mine.  This mine is where my great grandfather worked up until it closed and just prior to it closing up fully he and my great grandmother along with their children moved to Illinois.  





The very sad thing is that my great grandmother Anna passed away shortly after moving down to Illinois. Unfortunately my two great aunts my grandfathers sisters talked my great grandfather into transporting her back up to Republic Michigan to be buried, but when my great grandfather passed away no one could afford to have his body transported to Republic so he is buried in Illinois. At least that is the story I recall hearing as to why he wasn’t buried next to his wife and young son. 

Family history is so fascinating to me and I never tire hearing stories about my ancestors. 

the cemetery



Finally after a few years of wanting to get here, I made it.  We had no idea where to begin looking for the gravesite. Jim went one way and I went another. I headed towards what I thought was an older section, eventually Jim ended up in the section I was searching and the next thing I knew he was yelling for me to come, he had found it.






I was quite surprised to see that my grandfathers brother who had passed away as a young child had a headstone.  My grandfathers mother Anna whose grave we were at had passed away 11 years after her young son had passed.  I’m not sure I had ever heard how he died or maybe I didn’t hear because no one knew or just didn’t talk about it.  Not sure if this was intended to be a family plot area, as my grandfathers sister and her husband are buried there as well.  Anna’s husband my great-grandfather is buried down in Illinois.

We noticed the writing on the stones was hard to read so I took my toothbrush and scrubbed them. Had to get a new tooth brush at our next stop. 

south republic

Some random shots of South Republic.



This museum unfortunately was not open when we stopped, guess we’ll have to go back.




This area has fascinated me for a long time, as I had a grandfather who worked in a copper mine in Hancock Michigan and my great grandfather who was married to my great grandmother whose grave we went to see worked in the iron ore mine here in Republic Michigan. 

This was by far for me the highlight of the trip, and more on the open pit mine later, I still have a lot more of this trip to share. 

heading into michigan

After leaving Eagle River we were on our way to Republic Michigan where my great grandmother is buried. 

It was a rainy dreary day as we left Wisconsin and entered Michigan.


The colors were not totally at their peak yet, but pretty all the same.



We found Republic Michigan, but the wrong Republic, we found South Rebublic, which apparently is the “new” Republic because they moved the town, only we could do that especially when I was telling him where to go...duh!  A post on South Republic will be next.

Anyway, this was the Republic we wanted, where the cemetery is.  It definitely is not the biggest of towns, but we had to ask someone where the cemetery was.


Not much was happening in Republic Michigan this day.  There was a nice campground here in town and maybe someday Jim and I will be back and camp there. 

40th anniversary trip

Jim and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary at the end of September, so we decided to take a road trip.  I had been wanting to go and see my great grandmother’s grave which is about 6 hours away in Upper Michigan, so we decided to add it as a stop on our trip.  We headed to Northern Wisconsin and made a loop from there and ended up in Door County Wisconsin to end our trip.   

Our first stop was Eagle River, Wisconsin. We stayed in a cute lodge style hotel, which was very quiet as it was off season in Eagle River for any tourists visiting, and it was on a lake and Jim wanted to do some musky fishing so he just had to only cast his line off one of the docks there.





Jim went one morning with a guide to do some musky fishing on a boat, and while he was off fishing I took a drive and found this cute yarn shop.  I ended up talking to the owner and another customer who was actually there knitting for quite awhile.  It was a good thing hubby wasn’t waiting in the car while I shopped.  I did end up buying some yarn and a pattern, which I can’t wait to start.




I stopped on my on my way back to the hotel at the cutest restaurant and had a cup of chili and a sandwich.  




Our first stop was so much fun and the rest of the trip was just as fun.