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my busy life

I am here, I am doing fine.  Vee asked if we have been traveling and yes and no.  I've been traveling back and forth a few times to Illinois.  It's just been crazy busy around here.  My cousin had an estate sale that I helped with and was gone from here 5 days.  We had deer hunters come for about 5 days in November, that was fun, but no-one got a deer.  Went on a quilt re-treat over by the Mississippi river.


Did a bit of Christmas baking with my mom's recipe of butter cookies, and my grandmother's recipe of Finnish prune tarts is next on the baking list.


I am so excited to show you our new mailbox post.  Mr got an old walking plow from an older gentleman who wanted it to go to a good home, and since we were needing a new mailbox post after the plow hit it last winter, I wanted something different and Mr came up with this.  It looked pretty with the mailbox swag and the freshly fallen snow that came overnight.


Heading to breakfast at our favorite spot on Sunday mornings and crossing the Wisconsin river.


I've also been busy putting things in a booth that I've rented in a shop in town.  Our daughter and son-in-law from Spokane were here for a few day right before Thanksgiving, then they left and we headed to Illinois for Thanksgiving.

Whew, I think that pretty much sums it up, I know I've probably forgotten a few things that I've done.

indian summer

We are into the fall/autumn season and have had a couple of hard frosts.  We've been having a few days of Indian summer which is nice because we can finally get things done outside.  My flower gardens are all cleaned up for the season and all ready for my flowers to pop up next spring.  It's finally starting to dry up and the farmers are starting to harvest their crops. 

The trees on our property mostly turn yellow and when Mr told me about a tree in our woods that was red, I was too excited.  I was just telling Mr that I would like to plant a few maple trees that turn red.

Red leaves

I loved the look of these leaves still attached to a small live tree that somehow got knocked down, the leaves were still green.  It was windy on our walk and the leaves kept blowing, that's why some of the leaves look blurry.


Also on our walk the other night we had a nice show of the moon rise.


I've not been taking my camera with me lately and most of my photos are from my cell phone.  Sometimes it's just easier.


That's what I'm feeling right now, to the point of loving the new dishcloths I made last week.

Soapy sink

I love this time of year when we can go to the apple orchards and we went to the apple orchards last Sunday.  We bought A LOT of apples and plan to do some canning and make applesauce.



Apple box

Of course we had to get some apple cider and apple cider donuts that are so famous in the orchards stores.  So chicken salad made from our yummy chickens that we raised along with cider was lunch with an apple cider donut and a cup of coffee for snack that we enjoyed on Sunday afternoon outside on the beautiful fall day.


The changing of the seasons is something I simply love and summer heading into fall/autumn has always been my favorite time of year, tho spring this year was really nice and I LOVED it, but there's something about the autumn season that causes me to be content in life.

the "ber" months have started

Those being, September, October, November and December.  I love the "ber" months.  Our colors really have only just started to show and it's really only few scattered around the county.  Tho the sumac's we saw on the way home today were vibrant.  I took a quick shot with my cell phone since I forgot my camera at home.


And today I walked out onto the front porch and saw this tomato that Mr had placed on top of one of the deck posts.  I finally asked him what he planned to do with the tomato and he said "Nothing, why would I when I can just go out to the garden and get a fresh one"...Okaaaaay...I had no comment :)  So there it sits.  I'll bring it in and cut it up, shhhhhhh...He'll never know :)

Lone tomato

We canned more beans and there are still beans out in the garden.

Raw beans

There's just something about seeing jars filled with something that you grew, harvested and processed to be enjoyed in the winter months.


I volunteer at the local hospital and on the way to town I could smell that a farmer had sprayed manure on the fields.  Well, I came up over the hill and there it was, the infamous manure spreader.  I wish I could say that I kept a big distance between us but I would be lying.  I would have had to go so slow that I would be going backwards to have kept my distance, because the manure spreader was going very, very, slow and I had caught up to it.  Luckily the farmer turned into a field not too far past the curve...whew!!


There is just never a dull moment around here.

ice storm continued









Continuing with the ice storm shots.  Since moving here I don't recall ever having an ice storm that was as bad as this one was.  We had headed to town yesterday afternoon and it seemed that up on the ridge here we fared a bit worse than in town.

Here's a video to hear what it sounded like when the sun came out and the temps rose.



ice storm












This is not all of the ice photos I took.  I'll post the rest of them in my next post.  It wasn't the easiest to walk outside, you really had to be careful not to fall.  You could say we were iced in up here on the ridge.  We did not venture out to see what the rest of our area looked like, we figured if our driveway was as bad as it was that we didn't want to see how the roads were.  Our road didn't have any traffic on it to speak of and at one time I spied the plow making it's rounds.  We didn't have anywhere we needed to be and the house was stocked with food and cozy and warm, we figured that we were just fine staying put.

taking a walk

Coming home from Texas I told myself I wanted to keep walking even in the cold weather.  So come on with me on my walk and see some of the sights I see.

Thick coats

Farm view

My partner

Going home

Blind driveway

Ridge view



I hope you enjoyed the walk and the snow photos. 

snowshoeing in february

Through the woods

Taking a photo

Taking a break

My snowshoes

Last year I don't believe we went snowshoeing, and this is the first time we did it this year.  Of course we didn't have any snow to speak of before we went to Texas.  Awe, snows not so bad, especially when you can get out and enjoy it.

golden colors

I just can't seem to get enough of the colors this year.  To me it seemed like we got a late start, trees that turned so beautifully in the past didn't do so well but others did.



The sunset tonight was spectacular.

Sunset 10-20-2015

I'm not sure I want Autumn to end just quite yet.

Do you?