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muddy creek or muddy crick?

How do you pronounce it, Creek or Crick?

Muddy creek

We've had some heavy rains come the other day and the creeks and river were pretty muddy from all the rainfall.  I love the cow path down to the waters edge.

I'm guessing it depends on which part of the country you're from on how one pronounces it.  Or, you can check out the link HERE that has some really neat answers to if it's creek or crick.


a busy week

What an awesome week we had with the grandsons.  Mr kept them busy doing "manly" things.

Grand boys

I, on the other hand, did "womanly" things.  I thought I'd share with you the quilt I posted a few days ago, it's the quilt that I had finished at the last re-treat I had gone on, it's called a tossed nine patch or disappearing nine patch, I had made the top a year ago.

Tossed nine patch

I did make another bag/purse for myself, it's the Newport Bag.  I didn't like the length of the handle so I cut it and tied it in a knot.


We brought the boys halfway home, we met our daughter in Rochester Minnesota which is about halfway between us and then took off down the road to Beloit Wisconsin to drop off our other grandson.  We met our daughter there as our granddaughter was in Rockford Il at a softball tournament.  As we crossed the Mississippi in LaCrosse Wi we stopped at the rest area and took a walk down by the river to stretch our legs.


It was a long day and we took different way home, instead of driving on the highway we took the back roads.  We found this cute barn quilt and a nice place to have dinner.

Barn quilt

I do have to say that I don't have the energy that I used to, but I do have more patience.

It was fun spoiling them and then sending them back to their parents :))))

Isn't that what grandparents are supposed to do?


the frozen river

We've been to the river quite a bit this fall and winter season.  We stopped to take some shots of the frozen river, tho not all of the river is frozen, there were some open water in places.

River 6

River 2

River 8

Along the way we saw an eagle, a couple of hawks, ice fishermen sitting on buckets turned upside down, a cabin uncovered since the leaves are gone and is now visible for all to find.

I love driving along the river there is so much to see.


the mississippi

We went to Iowa for a Sunday drive and went to Pikes Peak.  I've been to another Pikes Peak years ago and that one was in Colorado.  This Pikes Peak and the Colorado Pikes Peak are named after the same fellow.

Point of discovery

The overlook


The confluence

Low water

We had a really fun day getting out and seeing the countryside.