on it's way to texas

Ojs quilt

Olisas quilt

Olisa's quilt

Another quilt done and shipped off to our granddaughter in Texas.  I can't recall the pattern name.  I always wash my quilts and love the crinkled look.  I'm still making my Farm Girl Vintage Blocks but set them aside to finish this quilt.

on the design wall

I'm not sure where I got this pattern called Log Cabin Hidden Stars from.  I started this top awhile back and finally picked it up again, and right now it's up on the design wall, half sewed together.  Camping last summer I brought a blanket from home and told Mr one night that I'm going to make us a quilt to take camping.  I bought a Glamping Jelly Roll from the quilt shop in town that went out of business, unfortunately that makes two quilt shops that closed in our small town, not from lack of business, but both from health issues in the family.  When I saw the Glamping Jelly Roll I knew that was what I wanted to use for our camping quilt.  I will be putting on a couple of borders to make it a bit bigger.

Log Cabin Hidden Stars

Okay, I almost bought white for the stars...white...for camping...nope that just wouldn't have worked.

I hope I get it finished before we go camping again.

flower quilt


A quilt


I have been busy working on this quilt and some other things lately and now Christmas is next week and I have to get going on getting ready for that.  Mr set this up for me so that I can take photos of my finished quilts, he is such a super guy to always help me when I need help.

blue and white quilt


It's been a few years when I started this quilt and I finally finished it.   Thanks to Mr for holding it up for me.  Instead of blogging I've been playing with my mid-arm trying to get better at quilting my quilts.

the love of

The first snowfall.  We did get snow, but I was not at home when it came.  I took this shot this morning.

Badger lodge 2015

Wonderful friends.  I was at a weekend quilt re-treat.  There were just three of us and we had an awesome time.  I totally got to spread out.

Setting up

This was my space for the weekend.

My space

Comfort food, especially when someone else made it.  We ate well.

Tenderloin meal

My home.  I made this wall hanging.  I still have to add some string/yarn to it, so that it looks like the mittens have those strings on them like the ones I used to put on my kids when they were little so that they wouldn't lose their mittens.

Mitten wall hanging

I did get a couple of other projects done, but those are Christmas gifts and I will show them later.

i am here

I have been spending some time in the sewing room.  I finished a toddler quilt for one of the grandsons.   I used up some scrap fabric that I had from another project or two to finish this quilt.  It's all washed and already in it's new home.


I've been wanting to make Quilt of Valor quilts, but just never can find the time to make a whole quilt.  I found a Facebook page that you only make star blocks and send them to a woman who puts the blocks together to make the quilt top and then quilts it, and they are just beautiful!  So I've started making star blocks to go into quilts for veterans.  I don't have to make the whole quilt, I just have to make the blocks and right now that seems to be a better fit.

Qov stars

We've been to the apple orchards twice this fall.  We usually get the seconds on the apples and this year the apples were absolutely huge.  I found this recipe on Facebook and so far have made it twice, it's absolutely delicious and easy.  Here is the link for the recipe.

Hasselback apple

I have been volunteering at the local hospital once a week, sometimes it's more.  It gets me out of the house, talking and meeting people and it feels good.

Hope to catch up with you all soon.

fall is in the air

With that comes heating the sauna up more.

Sauna bench

Plus doing more knitting and over at Ravelry I joined a knit-a-long and made this cowl.

MKAL 2015

Finished MKAL

I also joined a spin-a-thon over here, and day 1 have one spool almost full.  I don't think I'll be spinning very much, I signed up before my mother passed away and now my aunt passed and it's been busy over here.


Me spinning

I have been quilting too, and have started to put a quilt on the frame.

I just love this time of year and I think I always will.

knitting and quilting

Doing both at the retreat I went on this past weekend.

I finally pulled out a quilt that I started on from a Block of the Month, oh I'd say about 4 years ago.  What was I thinking. I was very new to quilting and to tackle something this complicated was just crazy.  But I've been slowly plugging along on it and I'm getting to the point of putting it together...Yay!!!

Bella verona

Mini quilts made from my stash that I've been wanting to get rid of.


I can't wait to hang this one next summer in celebration of the 4th of July.

Flag quilt

I joined a knit-a-long over at Ravelry.  I got a late start but got caught up at the retreat.


It's nice to be gone, but it's nice to be home too.

Knitting and quilting, I just can't decide which one I like better.

Does it really matter tho.  I can love them both equally.


in my spare time

Ha, what spare time :)  I have been going back and forth helping to get my mother settled into a long term care facility.  We did and all her things from her apartment have been either packed up to be stored or taken to St Vincent De Paul for donation, or lovingly went home with a family member.

I managed to get a couple of things finished up in all the running I've been doing.  I started this lap quilt at the last quilt retreat that I had been on.

Spring quilt

This one didn't get finished in time for the last holiday season, but it's done for the one coming up.  It's a mystery table runner that I had made.  I'm not sure if I'm going to use it as a table runner or a wall hanging. 

Christmas table runner

The little time I spent in my sewing room sure felt good.

It's September 1st today and I'm wondering where August went.


catching up

Oh wow, I can't believe it's been a week since I posted last.  Spring has finally arrived and with that comes the new babies.  This momma I didn't realize at first was nursing twins.

Momma cow

Mom and twins

My oldest granddaughter was going to try and make a t-shirt quilt from all her softball t-shirts.  So, I told her I would make it for her, she was just going to tie them somehow together.  I used flannel for the backing and I love after I washed and dried it how it turned out.

I'm just learning to quilt on a frame and I decided to go with big loops for the stitching to get into the groove of free-motion quilting and to keep the weight down on the quilt since it's already a bit more heavier than your "normal" quilt being made with t-shirts.


Quilt t-shirt


The chicks are getting so big and I totally forgot to take a photo of them but it's been raining, tho we didn't get the weather that some places did with tornadoes touching down.  I pray that anyone that has been affected by the recent bad weather is okay.