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knitting and quilting

Doing both at the retreat I went on this past weekend.

I finally pulled out a quilt that I started on from a Block of the Month, oh I'd say about 4 years ago.  What was I thinking. I was very new to quilting and to tackle something this complicated was just crazy.  But I've been slowly plugging along on it and I'm getting to the point of putting it together...Yay!!!

Bella verona

Mini quilts made from my stash that I've been wanting to get rid of.


I can't wait to hang this one next summer in celebration of the 4th of July.

Flag quilt

I joined a knit-a-long over at Ravelry.  I got a late start but got caught up at the retreat.


It's nice to be gone, but it's nice to be home too.

Knitting and quilting, I just can't decide which one I like better.

Does it really matter tho.  I can love them both equally.


the beginning of the week

Good Morning Y'all!  Another week begins.  I just came off from having a nice time at another quilt retreat.  I won't be going on another one for a few months (insert frown).

I've been sitting here checking out blogs and watching some cooking shows on Thanksgiving trying to figure out what I want to have on the menu.  Yes I can multi-task, I had 11 children remember :)

Tree skirt

We've had some really bad weather come through here in the Midwest over the weekend, I'm sure some of you have either heard about it or had it yourself.  My thoughts and prayers go to my "home" state of Illinois and the tornado that hit there, as well as the other areas that have been hit.

Let the week begin.


is there such a thing as having too much fun?

I took off and left Mr for a few days and had some fun.

My work area at the retreat.  We look pretty messy don't we?  I'm working on a quilt that to me is considered a "challenge" quilt, and believe you me, it is a challenge being a "newbie" quilter that I am.  I figure after this quilt I'll be getting closer to being a more experienced quilter, that is if I don't go crazy first :)

My space

I absolutely LOVE the design boards, they are just those inexpensive vinyl table cloths hung on the wall.  This is one of the quilts I worked on.  I was trying to figure out what kind of binding I wanted to put on this quilt.

Design board

At the retreat house there are quilts hanging all over the place.  I just love this one, and it's on my list of quilts to make.


Sitting out and enjoying the beautiful porch, one concentrating on what we call reverse sewing (ripping out a seam) and one taking a nap.  I just love these ladies!

My girls

Now it's back to getting ready for the parents to come, it's less than a week and they'll be here.

Hope Y'All have a wonderful day!


a great place to be

I'm still recuperating from the quilt retreat.  I don't usually stay up to 11:00 p.m. sewing, but we did and it was FUN!!!  Lots of laughs and listening to our favorite songs that we haven't heard in a long time on the iPad.  Here's the tree skirt/tablecloth top that is done.  Now I just need to quilt it.

Peppermint twist

I forgot to take photos of the mini quilts that I had made.  I was sooooo late on the February one, but I have a few days to display it, and I'm all ready to hang the March one.

Mini quilts

Here's a few shots of what the ladies were working on.

Quilt retreat

We did not starve and each of us brought a meal so that no-one was bogged down being in the kitchen all the time.

Lunch table

I just loved heading up the staircase to bed at night, it's a 100 year old Victorian home and if walls could talk the stories they would tell.


I love going here to this retreat house A Great Place To Be, and if you are interested in going there too here is the website.  I guarantee you will love it too.


i can't wait to go back

When I arrived at the retreat way up North I was brought back in time to sixth grade and going to Outdoor Education.


Here I go to head into Cabin 7.

Cabin 7

I was not disappointed as to what I would find in Cabin 7.  I picked a lower bunk being that I was the first one and there was absolutely NO WAY I was going to climb up on the top bunk.  It turned out that only two of us shared this cabin.

Sleeping quarters

After getting my sleeping quarters all in order I headed to the building where I was assigned to sew for the weekend.  Here is my corner and my cabin partner Beth busy sewing away.

My area

I was so busy sewing I forgot to take photos, so I quickly snapped a few but I missed a few ladies.


Back corner

The youngest quilters at the retreat.  After they worked on their quilts they became creative.

Emma and roz

I brought many things to work on as I wasn't sure how much I was going to actually get done.  My goal for the weekend was to finish my Block of the Month quilt top, and that goal was met.  YEAH!!!!

Kansas quilt finished

I had a wonderful time.  I sewed, I laughed, I ate, I sewed, I laughed, I ate...and throw a few sleeps in there and that pretty much summed up the weekend.

I can't wait to do it again.