There is a lot going on right now with the wedding coming up very soon, so I may be gone from the blog for awhile.  I may check in now and again, but I will be MIA for awhile.


from my walk

Daisy and wire

It's been warm here the past few days but I've been still venturing out for my walk.  Along my walk I usually spy something that catches my eye and is photo worthy.

I'm starting to see some color changes in the sumac's.  I'm not too happy about that because it means winter is right around the corner.

You all have a wonderful weekend.



our blue jar

Happy jar

  It's New Years Eve and we'll be heading down to Texas soon.  Right now we have company, our daughter and her family came for a quick visit before we head down.  It's so nice to see them even if it's for a short visit.

Where did 2012 go?  Did it go just as fast for the rest of you?

I don't do resolutions, resolutions just set me up for failure.

What I'm going to do is to live my life as best as I know how.

I found this really neat idea on facebook and thought I would share it with you all.

It has to do with the jar in the photo above.  Tomorrow, January 1st you start with an empty jar, I picked a blue mason jar.  I/we will fill this blue mason jar with little slips of paper, and written on those little slips of paper will be all the good things that have happened to me/us in the coming year.  So, each time something good happens we'll write it on a little slip of paper and put it in our blue jar.  Then on New Years Eve 2013 we'll open the jar and read and reflect on all the good awesome stuff that happened in the year.

So, our blue jar will be traveling down to Texas with us.

I wish each and every one of you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!!


sights and smells of home

Sauna in the woods



Pecan tassies

Tree 2012

Stove and wood

We survived the storm!  Last night after baking all day Jim and I went out for an evening snowshoe.  It was still pretty windy but it was really nice walking out over the big snowdrifts.  Jim stuck his ski pole in one drift he was standing on and he figures it was at least 5 feet deep.  The wind had packed the snow so hard he was able to be on top of it.  With the holidays and family coming I'll be taking a bit of a break.  I may post a photo or two but I might not be visiting.

May God Bless and keep you in his care this Blessed Holiday Season.

rose :: hips

Brought in from the yard of our old home to decorate the Thanksgiving table.  I dug up some shoots from the wild rose bush that grows in the backyard of our old home awhile back and planted them in the yard here.  I did get a few blooms on it this summer small as the shoots were.  I'm hoping next summer there will be a lot more.

Rose Hips

We are welcoming December with...

some mild weather...

a grand dog that we are taking care of until our son and daughter-in-law get into their new home. I think she's over a year old now, but she's still a pup and it's fun to see how Sadie and her interact...


Around here...

it's not looking like Christmas yet, other than some Christmas baking, that is next on the agenda...

I'm trying to decide if the full length couch that we bought along with the love seat still has a place in our home, it just doesn't seem to fit quite right.  I'm thinking more about two chairs to go along with the love seat instead.  So glad my hubby puts up with me...

we are lacking snow, though I wouldn't mind seeing a flake or two...

we drove to Appleton to get a new evaporator pan for making our maple syrup, hubby keeps thinking of new and better ways for us to process it...

life keeps moving on and we're moving right along with it...


Hope Y'All have a wonderful weekend.


oh happy day

On our way out to the Mothers Day brunch Jim was taking me to, we drove down the lane to see the purple wild flowers growing.  I wish I could see these from my kitchen window.

Purple ditch


For dinner Jim grilled three trout that he had caught in the creek, two brook and one brown trout.  Finally we got to eat the fish he caught, it's no longer catch and release season.  They tasted so good and was a perfectly light and delicious meal after eating so much at the wonderful brunch we had earlier in the day.

Three trout

Sitting out on the deck while the fish were cooking on the grill, I finally got a shot of one of the hummingbirds that have been visiting.  It's so good to see them back again.  They are quick and I'm lucky to have gotten this shot.  Through out the day I got to talk to my kids on the phone, and that was a big highlight.

First hummer

A wonderful end, to a wonderful day.