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the weeks-end

Farmall b&w

Outside doing chores the other night the sky just looked so neat above the Farmall M that Jim has.  I absolutely love this tractor. 

Friday night we had no plans to do anything but hang around the homestead doing things that have been neglected some.  Am I complaining? Nope, it's all good.  Making meatballs and a broccoli cheese casserole for supper, yum!  I especially love leftovers the next day for lunch.  I've finally learned how to make meals and not have enough to feed an army


The pigs are only with us a few more days and then we'll be butchering them.  It seems like we've had them forever.  I will say it'll be sad not to see them around the homestead here anymore.

I've been trying to do some knitting and that has been going so slowly and heading to the sewing room has not been happening lately either.  I chalk it up to the short days we have now.  How about you, does the shorter days bother you too?

the ridge

To me there is so much going on in this photo and I had to make it a black & white photo.  The M peeking out from behind the shed, Sadie's grave, the bench were we sit on the ridge to watch a moonrise or sunset.  And the brush and trees along the lane.  We put Sadie's grave in a spot where when I'm washing dishes I can look at the flowers growing.


Coming home from the grocery store I went a different way home.  Going to the grocery store is a 3 hour event or more if I have to stop at another place before coming home, so changing up my route to and from is a nice change of pace for me.  I took the ridge way home and stopped to take a photo of our farm.  This photo is actually zoomed in.


We had some really high winds a few days ago and most of the leaves had been blown off the trees, not all but most.  It was so windy even the chickens didn't want to stay outside too long.  Some folks around here don't like living on the ridge because it's so windy, I actually don't mind the wind.

To me living life on the ridge is just fine.

from my walk

Daisy and wire

It's been warm here the past few days but I've been still venturing out for my walk.  Along my walk I usually spy something that catches my eye and is photo worthy.

I'm starting to see some color changes in the sumac's.  I'm not too happy about that because it means winter is right around the corner.

You all have a wonderful weekend.



our blue jar

Happy jar

  It's New Years Eve and we'll be heading down to Texas soon.  Right now we have company, our daughter and her family came for a quick visit before we head down.  It's so nice to see them even if it's for a short visit.

Where did 2012 go?  Did it go just as fast for the rest of you?

I don't do resolutions, resolutions just set me up for failure.

What I'm going to do is to live my life as best as I know how.

I found this really neat idea on facebook and thought I would share it with you all.

It has to do with the jar in the photo above.  Tomorrow, January 1st you start with an empty jar, I picked a blue mason jar.  I/we will fill this blue mason jar with little slips of paper, and written on those little slips of paper will be all the good things that have happened to me/us in the coming year.  So, each time something good happens we'll write it on a little slip of paper and put it in our blue jar.  Then on New Years Eve 2013 we'll open the jar and read and reflect on all the good awesome stuff that happened in the year.

So, our blue jar will be traveling down to Texas with us.

I wish each and every one of you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!!


sights and smells of home

Sauna in the woods



Pecan tassies

Tree 2012

Stove and wood

We survived the storm!  Last night after baking all day Jim and I went out for an evening snowshoe.  It was still pretty windy but it was really nice walking out over the big snowdrifts.  Jim stuck his ski pole in one drift he was standing on and he figures it was at least 5 feet deep.  The wind had packed the snow so hard he was able to be on top of it.  With the holidays and family coming I'll be taking a bit of a break.  I may post a photo or two but I might not be visiting.

May God Bless and keep you in his care this Blessed Holiday Season.