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epic barn

Sunday we went to our friends son's high school graduation that was held at Epic in Verona Wisconsin.  Heading into the complex we spied this big beautiful barn, and look it even has a barn quilt on it :)

This place was amazing.


I joined a swap over at MaryJanes Farm and look at what I got!  It was my first swap and it was a wonderful experience.

Summer surprise swap

We are doing the second pour of the barn floor today.  I didn't have to help after all with the first pour of the barn, wonderful neighbors came to help!

Waiting for the truck


I hope Y'all are doing great today!  The sun is shining and there's a slight chance of rain, that's okay, life is good!



Pie plant pie

I love this time of year when the pie plant is ready to be picked and made into a pie. 

It's been busy around here, and I haven't had time to visit blogs.  The lawn needed mowing when I got back from my trip, which takes awhile to do.  I cleaned out the weeds by the culvert at the road, and I planted some plants that hopefully will take care of some of the weeds that tend to grow where it's very hard to mow.  It's raining again so I'll be mowing the lawn again I'm sure in a few days.

The barn is coming along nicely, Mr rented a compactor to get the foundation ready for the cement.


  I did notice the other day that my forsythia bush has not bloomed yet.

I'm still waiting, but in the meantime, I'll go and enjoy a piece of pie.


the piers of the barn

The concrete piers for the barn are getting poured.  Mr wasn't able to get them all ready for the pour, and with the rain he hasn't been able to get a few of the holes done.  Living up on the ridge there is a lot of rock, and digging the holes you are going to run into rock, so Mr has to finish the digging some of the holes by hand.


Breaking up rocks

Big rock


The pour


Concrete pier

Filling the hole

Right now this is where we are at, waiting to get the other piers ready for the cement.

I still can't believe we are finally getting a barn, but there is a lot of work yet to do, and it'll be fun to watch and help with the progress.



Do you get excited for Fridays?  I used to when the kids were small.  I looked forward to the weekends where I could relax after a long busy week.  Thought I'd show you my find from last year.  I can't wait to see how it's going to look in the middle of summer.  I was going to put this old wash tub by Mr's sauna, but now I'm not so sure anymore, I kind of like it where it's at.

Wash tub garden

I don't recall if I've ever done Nancy's Random 5 Friday meme before and I thought I'd join today, so here goes.

Random 5 Friday Facts

1. Do not super glue your fingers together.  It's not easy to get off.  I tried fixing something the other day with super glue and when I tell you I made a mess of things...believe me...I made a mess of things.

P.S  I did get my fingers unstuck and I did get it eventually all off my fingers, I had to work at it but it all came off :)



2. The barn is coming along and today we are going to pour cement for a few of the columns that are ready.  Mr worked as a carpenter when our kids were young and eventually worked his way to doing what he does today, he's a draftsman now and working behind a drafting table, moving on to working behind a computer, is a whole lot different than swinging a sledge hammer or carrying shingles up a ladder.


3. I'm a secret hoarder.  At least when it comes to fabric and yarn.  I moved 99% of my stuff down to my new sewing room and after going through about 1/3 of it, and eventually throwing a lot of it away that was so old, I wondered why I even kept it.  I still have to go through my fabric/fabric scraps...sigh!


4. I found out that I love, love, love, driving the tractor!!!!  I must be a true blue farm girl!


5. I'm designing my barn quilt and after coming up with about 6 blocks I think I have a winner.  Can't show you now, that will come later when I start painting it.


I hope you enjoyed my 5 facts and that Y'All have an awesome weekend!


the makings of the barn

I took off for a few days to Illinois to the Na-Da Farm Spring Sale, I got a few awesome items for my sewing room and I can't wait to show you, but first things first.  As I got home and I turned into the driveway, I could see Jim had already started to get the ground ready for the barn.



I had to laugh as I was walking out to help Jim and take some photos, Sadie is waiting there watching me.



Sadies not allowed to go into the gardens and I'm thinking with the freshly plowed up ground she's thinking it's going to be another garden.  Not really sure what she's looking at here ;)

Sadie looking


Tomorrow our neighbor is coming to drill the holes for the posts.  I had posted before that we would be getting bees, but that will be put on hold now that we are building a barn.  Jim would have had to drive about an hour to where the man who would mentor him keeps his bees and that just won't work while trying to build the barn.

There are lots more photos to come as the progress of the barn moves on.