Ocooch Mountains

morning walk


Monday has come around again, and on my morning walk this morning I saw some sunflowers growing along the side of the road.  I'm not sure if someone planted these or if they are volunteer sunflowers, either way I like them.


mid-summers eve

First cutting

Wow, did you fall out of your chair?  I'm posting two days in a row :)

I love this farm down in the hollow.  This is over on the next ridge from us.  We were heading on our way to get some ice cream (which was closed by the time we got there...insert sad face).

Sitting here this morning with the windows and doors open I can hear the wind rustling through trees.  Mr had opened up the house when he got up this morning as it was very stuffy inside.  For being June 20th it's pretty cool out this morning. 

Tomorrow marks the date for summer solstice, which is the longest day of sunlight for the year, and with that the days start getting shorter and shorter.  I know this day also as mid-summer or St Johns Day.  We have celebrated this day a few times in the past.  We do plan to do something tomorrow but not sure exactly what.  We do have another brush pile to burn so if the rain stays away we just might do that.

How about you, do you do anything for summer or winter solstice?


it's that time of year

No deer yet but Mr has only been out a few times. 

Deer processing

Our Texas son came up for a short visit. We got to listen to him play his Irish Tin Whistle, and Mr and Jay did some target shooting.

Tin whistle

Checking the target

Driving him to O'Hare Airport wasn't bad, tho it was a bit of a trip, we stopped to shop on the way home and stopped for a bite to eat.

Jays visit 1

It's going to be a busy week and I'm going to be taking a bit of a blogging break, with family coming in it'll be hard to get on the computer.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


snowy morning

Yesterday we got our first taste of snow here in the Ocooch Mountains and the roofers came to start roofing the barn.  Yay!!  I'll post on that at a later date. 

My parents went through some of their boxes (which isn't many) and decided to bring a load to St Vincent de Paul or otherwise known to us as St Vinny's.  So my dad and I took a drive.  I love driving though the hills especially on the kind of day it was yesterday.

Snowy morning

Later in the day my dad tells me a little birdie hit our sliding glass door.  Oh no, not again.  I wasn't that worried because we haven't lost a bird yet that have hit the window, they have always only been stunned and eventually would fly away.  My concern this time was that one of the barn cats would find it and decide to have a little snack, so I ended up standing outside with a broom in my hand keeping guard over the little birdie.


Be rest assured that it did end up flying away to safety.

I'm telling you if it's not one thing it's another happening here at Gentle Hearth Farm.  Never a dull moment.


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calling all bloggers

Yesterday we had a few snow flurries in the air.  I snapped this shot yesterday on my way home from town.  I just love this little cemetery and there are a lot of little ones like this even smaller ones around here.


Have I ever told you I love living in the country?  No?  Well, I'll tell you, I do (lol).  I love driving on our country roads because you just never know what you are going to find.  I put on the brakes and backed up just so I could take this photo.  Isn't it cool?  A cupola displayed at the entrance to this farm.

Cupola display

Since moving here we have met so many wonderful people and through blogging I have met wonderful people and I'm going to ask for help from you all :)

I have a Nikon D80 camera and I'm having some trouble with it.  I've had it since 2007 and it's been with me almost everyday and it's been knocked around a bit, abused you could say :)  I'm thinking of getting another one and I'm not sure I want to get another "big" camera.  I hope to get a bit smaller one but not sure what to go with.

My question to you all is...What kind of camera do you have and do you like it? I so appreciate all your help.