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the shoes

It's so important to take care of your shoes, so drying them out in-between wearings is a must if you want them to last.  I was so happy that Mr decided to invest in a pair of roofing shoes, though I still worried about him being up there shoes or no shoes.


The roof is done, the last board got nailed in place, next step is finishing up nailing all the boards down and then making the cupola.


I was craving a piece of blueberry pie, so I just had to make one, Mr and my mom sure didn't complain about it :)

Blueberry pie

I haven't been pulling out the camera that much lately, I've been using my cell phone.  I love Instagram and I've been posting there a lot.  If you do Instagram look me up, I'm dailyyarns, I'd love to see you there.