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cooking venison

We have been known to grill in the winter months around here.  With the deer Jim got he grilled some steaks from the backstrap and they were absolutely delicious.


Venison steaks

I wasn't always a fan of deer meat when I was young, maybe it was just the way it was cooked.  I always felt it was tough to eat.  I made a tamale pie with the ground venison and it was so tasty, we are getting a few meals out of it which I love.

Tamale pie

I've been finding some really good recipes but the thing is they are all on YouTube, so I have to write them down.  I have this notebook that I've been logging what we've been canning and the amounts.  I thought why not put recipes into this notebook as well. 


I love to hand write my recipes in pencil, just incase I need to change things in any of my entries.  I got this tamale pie recipe from Lori over at Whippoorwill Holler.  It really is the best tamale pie.


We don't have really much snow right now, we got a dusting the other night, but we have definitely had some cold temps, so with cold temps I love to cook.

the home fire is burning

When we woke up this morning the temps were hovering around 0°.  I had to go to the big city today for a dental appointment, well Madison isn't quite the big city compared to some cities, but coming from a small town it is big to me.  On the way I noticed that the temp was 17° and I don't believe that it got any higher than that. 

I don't show my home very much but since I'm feeling rather comfortable sitting in my easy chair trying to do a post with the lights low and my string lights on, I thought I'd take a couple photos of my kitchen and dining area of our log home.  I absolutely love our log home it's very simple and yes I am a collector of things.  I don't have a dish washer and when we remodel our kitchen, which we plan to someday I don't believe I'll have one put in.  I have to think on that one.  I really don't mind at all washing dishes by hand, in fact I will gaze out the window to see what is going on outside or I'll do some thinking.  Especially doing the breakfast dishes, I'll think about what I plan to do that day, what needs to get done around the house, or whatever else pops in my mind.


Once the winter temps have really settled into stay, our wood stove stays lit.  But I will admit when warmer months come I am ready for the wood boxes to be put away for the season, I'm definitely ready for warmer weather then. 

I don't believe I posted about the blue hoosier cabinet that Jim made for me that is in the photo below.  I was looking and looking in antique shops for one but could never find exactly what I wanted.  So Jim decided to make me one and it is custom made for exactly what I wanted it for.  He also made it so that we could put our grain mill on it, so we have it permanently set up to grind flour whenever we need it.

Dining area

I haven't really done a whole lot of Christmas decorating yet, or done any Christmas baking.  I am for sure going to make my Grandma M's Finnish prune tarts and my mom's Christmas butter cookies.  I still have time to do both decorating and baking.

Our life here is simple and we like it that way.

canning season

Our canning season is still going strong.  We went to the apple orchard this fall and bought some honey crisp apples.  We usually get the seconds as they are cheaper in price.  I received an email from the orchard we usually go to that they had a BOGO sale going on, which is buy one box, get one box free.  Since it was busy here this fall, but who am I kidding, it's a ALWAYS busy here, but since I was busy I didn't get to the apples right away so we lost a few to rotting.  BUT, I was able to make applesauce out of the remaining good apples.  We really didn't lose that many but it sure seemed like it at the time I was going through them.


This time before I cooked the apples I peeled them.  Oh my goodness, I will always and forever do that when I make applesauce again.  


It was so much easier when I was putting the apples through the sieve, I was not fighting the peelings.


Twenty-four pints of delicious applesauce ready to be put down with all the other canning we did this fall.


I not only canned the applesauce, Jim and I canned more venison stew from the deer he got and the potatoes, onions, and carrots we grew in our garden this year.

Earlier in the fall we canned our peppers and potatoes and made tomato sauce with the tomatoes we picked.  When I say we, I do mean both of us.  I am very fortunate to have a husband who enjoys canning as much as I do.



It really feels good when you do a garden, and come harvest time it's very exciting to preserve the food we've grown.  It's a lot of work but so worth it in the end.

comfort food

Thanksgiving has passed and we are now heading into the Christmas season. The rain we had Saturday evening has officially turned into snow...YAY! And in years past I have been known to cook some kind of comfort food to feed my family, mostly homemade pizza. Today I made Italian style meatballs from the ground deer meat we processed. 



It's just that kind of day to stay indoors and enjoy the home fires that are burning in the wood stove.


Also from the previous post I seem to be getting into the Christmas spirit and with that I gave my blog a new facelift for December month.

time passing by

The summer is flying by, some of our grandchildren have gone back to school this week.  It's been a very busy summer here in the Ocooch Mountains.

The wild coneflowers I planted last fall took and are doing great.  We had the Amish butcher our meat birds last week and we spent the day canning and freezing them and then over the weekend Mr. smoked some in the smokehouse he made.



Canned chicken 2017




Just incase you forgot what I looked like here I am :)  (Playing around with Snapchat)


I mentioned to Mr. yesterday that I didn't even know what day it was, as a matter of fact I was actually a week behind in my mind and totally forgot that I had to volunteer at the hospital yesterday morning and that's not like me to forget, though I have been known to forget something now and again.

I don't know about any of you but I'm so looking forward to fall coming.

maple sugar






We made maple sugar and it turned out wonderful.  It's Mr.'s birthday tomorrow and I plan to use the maple sugar in the cake I plan to make.  I missed taking photos of the boiling steps to making maple sugar :(

I definitely did not have the strength the stir the syrup so Mr. had to do it for me.  I don't plan to buy any white sugar and I'm very excited to start making things with the maple sugar.

If the cake turns out I'll definitely share it with you. 

life happens



Mini bottles

Monring sun


Icy trees

Mini pies


Sadie girl

What's been happening since we've been home.  If you haven't guessed already from all my previous posts, Mr. and I went away for a bit.  We spent part of the winter down in Texas, and we had a WONDERFUL time.

Not long after we got home the sap started to run and we went from arriving home with snow on the ground to no snow to a sugar snow/ice storm.  We did hunker down and waited the ice storm out, and luckily it was over in time for us to head to Madison to a Salmon Slam party where we were able to sample salmon and cod that was caught in the waters off of Alaska.  We bought some king salmon filets and Mr. cooked some up and it was every bit as good as we had hoped it would be.

We have the local 4H club coming this weekend to tour our sugaring operation, and we bottled up some sample bottles for the kids to take home with them, and it looks like it's going to be a great week for the sap to be running :)

We have been fighting sickness for about 5 weeks off and on, and getting back home I caught some kind of sickness that just knocked me for a loop, and Mr. was always a step behind me in getting it all but just not as hard.  Crossing fingers we are all done with that.

It feels good to be walking the hills again when I can which always depends on the weather.  My sometimes walking partner came with me the other day.  She's getting old and not as spry as she used to be.  Sadie is going to be 10 at the end of the year and not sure how many more years she'll be with us, she's been just a wonderful dog to us.

So that's a bit of what's been going on around here.  I do seem to post a lot more photos on Instagram so if you follow me there sorry for any repeats of photos.

hello 2017


I totally can't believe 2016 has come and gone. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and safely rung in the new year.  I have a few New Years resolutions that I hope to fufill this new year.  One is to blog on a regular basis or at least blog more than I have been blogging.  I'm going to try and blog from my phone or iPad, and we shall see how that goes. So here it is my first blog of 2017 from my phone. 

Bring on the new year. 

applesauce making day

Mr and I made applesauce the other day, we made 4 gallons of applesauce.


Cooking apples

Cooked apples



Messy sieve


No sugar was added to the applesauce and it tastes just fine.  Our shelves are really filling up with all the full canning jars.


That's what I'm feeling right now, to the point of loving the new dishcloths I made last week.

Soapy sink

I love this time of year when we can go to the apple orchards and we went to the apple orchards last Sunday.  We bought A LOT of apples and plan to do some canning and make applesauce.



Apple box

Of course we had to get some apple cider and apple cider donuts that are so famous in the orchards stores.  So chicken salad made from our yummy chickens that we raised along with cider was lunch with an apple cider donut and a cup of coffee for snack that we enjoyed on Sunday afternoon outside on the beautiful fall day.


The changing of the seasons is something I simply love and summer heading into fall/autumn has always been my favorite time of year, tho spring this year was really nice and I LOVED it, but there's something about the autumn season that causes me to be content in life.