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in like a lion

Game photo

Hockey collage

Birthday collage

Dumping the snow

3 deer

4 deer

Peacock loom

That's how March came in for us. 

Whew, we are home and I hope I can get some things done around here, and get back to blogging again.

Mr and I along with 2 of our sons went to the Black Hawk Stadium Series hockey game, Chicago vs Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday March 1st.  It was a lot of fun despite the heavy snowfall.  The outcome was a good one, the Hawks won 5-1.

Our grandson from Michigan will be turning one, it was fun being able to celebrate his birthday and the cousins had a blast playing together.

We woke up this morning to another snowfall.  I don't mind the snow I'm just happy the colder temps are finally gone.  The snow pile keeps getting higher and higher.

No matter where you go you see deer out and about in the middle of the day looking for food.

My daughter-in-law and I went to a thrift store and I found a 12" two harness Peacock Loom, by Handcrafters from Waupun Wisconsin.  I had to do a bit of digging on the web to find out what kind of loom it was.  I was excited to have found it for the price I paid.  There is one heddle on the beater that is broken, I'm hoping to be able to fix it somehow.

Hope you all are doing good.  I'm hoping that life slows down a bit, I'm staying put for awhile not planning to go anywhere, we are waiting tho for sugaring to start up, but it looks like it's going to be awhile yet.


into the city for an evening

I know I no longer live near Chicago, but that doesn't mean I don't have strong ties to this wonderful city. 

Heading into the city

Our son decided that a night out was in-store, so Jim and I along with our son and daughter-in-law headed to Chicago for dinner and take in a game of hockey with our beloved team the Chicago Blackhawks

Driving and walking through Chicago on our way to the restaurant I snapped some photos and someday I plan to stop at the Weber Grill, I've heard about this resataurant but have never been.

Weber grill

Weber grill restaurant

City street

Dinner was at this quaint Italian restaurant.


After dinner it was on to the game.  It was fun watching this game because both teams are of the Original 6.

Madhouse on madison

The singing of the National Anthem was so awesome, you couldn't even hear yourself or for that matter the singer Jim Cornelison, everyone was singing and cheering, it was totally phenomenal.

National anthem


On one knee

A goal

Number one player

Fan cam

We had a really fun time, and the game results were pretty great too.

badgers vs gophers hockey game

I've missed watching hockey since our boys were done playing.  We got tickets to the Wisconsin Badgers hockey game Saturday night.

Kohl center

Center ice

Face off...Wisconsin Badgers vs Minnesota Gophers who are number one right now in the nation, college Division 1 Hockey.

Puck dropped

Puck control

I'm still not used to seeing a commercial break during a game.

Commercial break

I loved looking around the stands and seeing the different kinds of hats everyone wore.

Wisc hats

The lone color of yellow and green...Tho, I don't think the other fans minded at all seeing their beloved Packers are undefeated.

Packer colors

I never saw so much red in one place, and I spied a Black Hawk Fan amongst the Badger red.  Whoohoo...Go HAWKS!!!

Hawk fan

Here's Bucky...


Bucky skating

Bucky on head

Bucky on knees

The only goal for the night for the Badgers was the best by far...It was 4 on 4 at the time and all four of these Badger players touched the puck for the goal.  The Badgers split the 2 game series with Minnesota, beating Minnesota 3-1, but losing this game 4-1.

Best goal

It was a fun filled weekend of hockey, we also watched our grandson play in Madison on Sunday.  Those photos I will post in another post.


gone for the day

We snuck to Illinois for a day over the weekend.  Jim wanted to help our son Dan do some drywall taping.   Dan and his wife Kellie bought their first home.  It's a fixer upper, so there is going to be a lot of work to get it ready for the day they can move in.  But hey, they're young, strong and have lots of energy :)


Phil and shawn


Son Joshua and his family popped in for a bit.

Aubs walking the plank

Wy walkting the plank

I spent the morning visiting with my daughter Elaine and the grand-kids.  In the afternoon I went with them to watch our grandsons hockey game.  It was fun to watch him play.  It's been a long time since I've watched hockey when the skaters were so small.  I was so pumped to watch a hockey game, I forgot to take pictures of everyone else.  But, they're heading here this weekend so I'll get some shots then.

Holding the line

By the time we got home we were pretty tired....but what a fun tired it was.  We sure enjoyed seeing and visiting with the kids and grand-kids.

i'm doing a little happy dance

Okay, Okay...A BIG happy dance. 

The BLACKHAWKS are going to the Stanley Cup Finals.  The only thing that kind of puts a kink in this, is that they weren't able to play and BEAT the Red Wings to get there.  But, there is a BRIGHT side to all this...and that is, they were able to sweep the team that beat the Red Wings in 5 games.

How Sweet It Is!!!!!!!!!!


hawks 3, blue jackets 4

I got a treat last night and went to a Black Hawks game with my daughter and her husband, my son and his wife and my sister.  Jim wasn't able to go so I asked my sister to go in his place.  It was really fun.

It was a packed house with only a few seats empty.  The photos are not that great as it was really hard to get a good shot shooting through the netting that they have up.  They don't want anyone getting hit by a flying puck.

Packed house

Facing off

The Hawks with a go ahead goal.


The game ended in a shoot out with the Hawks losing 3-4. 


There was even a good old fashioned hockey fight. 


To see more of my trip into the city head on over to my photos only blog.

hockey anyone?...

The boys suited up and went to their former home rink where they played High School Hockey.  The annual Alumni Hockey game, where it was Alumni-vs-Alumni.  When the boys were on the High School team it was the Alumni-vs-Varsity, which was a lot of fun to watch.  The only one missing was Jake, since joining the Army he has only been able to make 1 Alumni game.  It was a lot of fun to watch the boys play again.  The first 2 goals of the game were scored by Phil, assisted by his brothers Josh and Dan, but that wasn't to be their only goals and assists of the game.


Phil, Josh, Dan at the 2007 Alumni Game. 


Facing off on the same line.  This is the first time that Josh has ever played with Dan in a competitive hockey game.  Josh has played with Jake and Phil, and Dan has played with Jake and Phil.  Josh at the top being the older of the 4 brothers and Dan at the bottom being the youngest of the 4 brothers that played.

This was by far the best Alumni game that we watched.  Dan got hurt not too far into the game.  His old coach was hooking him pretty good and when he went down his leg hyper extended.  After being helped off the ice and into the locker room, a former teammate, now an EMT checked him out, but after finding out that he could stand up and move his foot around, Dan couldn't get his skate back on fast enough, he wanted back out there (Stubborn Finn).  By the end of the game, he and his brothers managed to show the rest of the Alumni team that they still had it in them (hurt or not).   Needless to say Jim and Dan sat in the Acute Care on Christmas Eve, to see if his leg was broken or just sprained, the verdict was just a bad sprain and possibly a slight fracture but the treatment would be just stay off it for a few days and ice it.  Yesterday, tough guy was out playing boot hockey.  Don't cry to me if it won't heal.  Like I said before STUBBORN FINN!!!!!!