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knitting...amish and little people

Seems like I've been knitting up a storm lately.  I've been knitting while watching the Cubs make a run to get to the World Series since 1908 and they made it...YAY!!!! Tuesday is game one, and hopefully will finish this hat that I'm knitting, which is the same as the cancer hat in the previous post. My friend wanted me to make her a second hat. 


We had some little people for the night and we kept them pretty busy.  We went to the park and along came an Amish family to have a picnic lunch at the park.  


These two were a bit nervous to go up on the natural rock bridge so I stayed down on the ground while Mr and the older two explored and picked pinecones.



The time went by too quickly with the little people. Oh and, GO CUBS!!!

wooden box



Cleaning the glue

Wood box

The last of our busyness has come to an end.  We had along with the granddaughters, two of the grandsons here to help paint the logs of our home.  The grandsons were here at separate times and in the times when painting was either done or couldn't be done because of rain they each worked on a project out in the barn with their grandfather teaching them some skills.  The first grandson was here with the granddaughters and he made a knife.  Unfortunately I was busy with the girls while they were making their quilts I never went out to the barn to take pictures of his progress or the finished product with him :(

This grandson came later as he was detasseling the corn in Minnesota and in his downtime he wanted to make a box for his tools since he is taking woodworking in High school this coming year.  I'd say he did an awesome job on his box and trust me when I say the other grandson did an awesome job on his knife.


july moments











We've had a busy month starting with our trip to Nashville.  Our daughter-in-law and granddaughters from Texas came up with us for a few days.  Then two granddaughters came for a week and made a quilt from start to finish, never having sewed before and they did an awesome job.

I almost missed the Tree-Ripe truck and the girls and I headed to Tomah Wisconsin to get blueberries.  They wanted to see the Amish so it was a great way to get them both in.

I'm trying to get some knitting done and hopefully this week I will.

our weekend fun

We skipped town and headed to lower Michigan to our son and dil's home.  Mr and our son planned to do some fishing. 

On our way we stopped in Hammond Indiana at the Indiana Welcome Center.

Triple dog dare

Outside of the welcome center there is a statue from the movie A Christmas Story.  The author Jean Shepherd grew up in Hammond Indiana.


Triple-dog-dare 2

Triple dog dare 1

I've been looking for some darker lilacs to plant in our yard, and after the guys came back from fishing my dil and I went to a nursery and I found not only one but two lilac bushes.

The one on the left is a French Sensation and the right one is a French Yankee Doodle.  I am in love with both of these bushes...(lol).


These two guys were so fun to see, with the younger one it's pretty much "monkey see, monkey do".  He follows and does everything his older brother does. 

Da boys

 It was a fun weekend and hope to get back there again for a visit.

the birthday girl

Being down in Texas we get to celebrate one of the granddaughters birthdays with her.  Here she is 5 years old.

Birthday girl

My daughter-in-law makes the yummiest cakes and this one was soooo good.  Each cake she makes for them is themed and beautiful.

Decorating the cake

Isn't is beautiful?  It looks too pretty to cut into.  It was a winter themed cake, kind of a spin-off from the movie Frozen.

Birthday cake

The 5 year old asked for a disco ball.  I thought it was awesome!!  Here she is dancing around it with one of the aunties.

Disco ball

I am going to miss these guys.  These photos were all taken with my cell phone.

december 1st

Wow, where did the month of November go?  I blinked and it was gone.  How was everyone's Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it?  We had a wonderful one.  For the very first time since I started cooking for Thanksgiving, I didn't cook, we went out for dinner :) and it was awesome!  Don't think that we didn't eat since I didn't cook, we still had a fridge full of food and 2 or 3 coolers that held the overflow from the fridge.

The grands (and adults) made a gingerbread house and train.  I'm thinking that the amount of frosting and candies that was used for decorating, the same amount went into their bellies.


Mitch decorating

The grands also went on a few wagon rides while they were here.


Wagon ride

Plus had fun playing up in the loft of the barn.  (photo compliments of Mr with his cell phone)


I missed Travel Tuesday this week so it will be Travel Thursday.

american girl place 2014

It was time for another trip to the American Girl Place in Chicago with a couple of granddaughters and their moms.  We arrived a bit early before they opened up and the girls were checking out the displays in the windows.

Checking it out

We really had a lot of fun, and on the way down the girls asked me why I didn't bring my doll.  I thought of it halfway to Illinois but by then it was too late to even turn around to get it.  Jim had given Julie to me a few years ago for Christmas.

American girl 2014

Daughter E had to head back home so the girls, my daughter-in-law A and I walked around Chicago for a bit before taking the train back home.

The bean

Taking photo and posing


Posing with the horse

Posing by the face

The girls had a lot of fun, it was their day.  But I also had a lot of fun as well.



We took a road trip to lower Michigan a few weekends ago to see our son, daughter-in-law and the grandsons, who by the way are growing up too fast.  While there I knitted a couple of hats, one for each of the boys.  The oldest grandson A, wasn't wanting to try a hat on during his meal time :)

It was also time to carve the pumpkins and A was really getting into it, and C wasn't too happy about having his picture taken.


In between our little trips I've been sewing and one of my finished projects was a mystery quilt that I found on Facebook.


After going out for breakfast the other day we followed a grain truck to town.  We were thinking that he lost an awful lot of corn.  Now we know why there is always corn scattered on the roads.

Grain truck

Falling grain

Our phone rang last night and it was from the gentleman who we had met in Montrose South Dakota and had given a bottle of syrup to.  He wanted to thank us for the syrup.  How sweet is that?

I think we are ready for winter, we have enough wood, the gardens are cleaned out and now we just have to sit back and wait for the snow to fly.


grandparents day 2014

Our granddaughter Gwen who is in kindergarten invited us to come to her grandparents day a couple of weeks ago.  Instead of going our usual way we drove up through Iowa into Minnesota.


Driving along Mr whipped around to check out this baby.  In the early years of our marriage we had a 1969 Chevy Nova that was very similar to this one only ours was gray in color.  Seeing this car brought back so many memories.


We went through a lot of small towns and here are shots of just a few of them.




During our travels we stopped out in the middle of nowhere to let Sadie out to stretch her legs and do her business.

Taking a walk

Grandparents day 2014

The weather was just beautiful and Grandparents day was just wonderful.