our sign

I love our sign.  Mr. made it after I sketched out what I wanted and then when it was in place I painted it free hand.  I usually take a photo of it in each season but here summer is almost over and I'm just getting a photo now.  When we first moved here there were hosta's in this area, but they eventually developed some kind of disease or fungus and we ended up pulling them out.  So, I planted a few different kinds of lilies.  We hang sap buckets on the sign during sugaring time and this year we kept them on, I kind of like them on all the time.







I'm so enjoying the cooler weather we have been having, but I know it may not last and the warmer temps will be back.

life sure is grand

I went to town to do a few errands and took a different route.  There are about three ways to go to town when I head out my driveway and I went along the ridge towards what we call tickle belly hill.  If you were to start at the top of the hill at a very fast rate of speed you will feel like you're on a roller coaster.  I stopped to take this photo as you can see not a car in sight in front of me or behind me.


I've also been meaning to take a photo of the barn quilts that are always leaning up against this barn.  I believe they are for sale, and I think the owner needs to put one up on this barn as well.


One item on the list of errands was to get a new dog bed for Sadie, and after a few sniffs of the new bed she settled herself down.  I think it's a hit.  Sadie is getting old, some days she can't keep up with us on walks and other times she's way ahead of us where we have to catch up to her.  She definitely has a good life.


The garden has been producing quite well, we have had food from our garden everyday.  Walking out to the garden to gather a few things for lunch or supper is nothing short of awesome!


Life sure is grand :)

this and that

I've got a little bit of this and a little bit of that in this post.  Tho I've not been blogging regularly I have been busy and all these photos are from my cell phone.

From my walk the other day.  Did I say before that we are green and lush? Well we are and as you can see the vegetation almost covered this fence post.

Fence post

Our pumpkin harvest was really good this year.

2016 pumpkins

Over the summer I joined a Mystery Block of the Week and made a picnic quilt.  I went outside the box a bit and added the flying geese and the 4 patch strip on the ends to make it just a tad bigger.

Picnic quilt

This Missouri Star tumbler quilt went to Alaska.

Masons quilt

Another pattern from Missouri Star, the Everything Bag.


One of my daughters wanted me to make this for her, so before I mailed it out I had to model it.


This is just a little bit of what I've been doing and I'll leave you with a photo of some visitors that we had come by the other day.  Our neighbors cows got loose and they meandered over to our place (LOL).

Visiting cows

the "ber" months have started

Those being, September, October, November and December.  I love the "ber" months.  Our colors really have only just started to show and it's really only few scattered around the county.  Tho the sumac's we saw on the way home today were vibrant.  I took a quick shot with my cell phone since I forgot my camera at home.


And today I walked out onto the front porch and saw this tomato that Mr had placed on top of one of the deck posts.  I finally asked him what he planned to do with the tomato and he said "Nothing, why would I when I can just go out to the garden and get a fresh one"...Okaaaaay...I had no comment :)  So there it sits.  I'll bring it in and cut it up, shhhhhhh...He'll never know :)

Lone tomato

We canned more beans and there are still beans out in the garden.

Raw beans

There's just something about seeing jars filled with something that you grew, harvested and processed to be enjoyed in the winter months.


I volunteer at the local hospital and on the way to town I could smell that a farmer had sprayed manure on the fields.  Well, I came up over the hill and there it was, the infamous manure spreader.  I wish I could say that I kept a big distance between us but I would be lying.  I would have had to go so slow that I would be going backwards to have kept my distance, because the manure spreader was going very, very, slow and I had caught up to it.  Luckily the farmer turned into a field not too far past the curve...whew!!


There is just never a dull moment around here.

home and gardens

The flower and vegetable gardens are doing good.  We put mulch or hay in our garden, it helps to keep the weeds down and the moisture in the ground.  We already have tomatoes growing...Yay!!! 


My eggshell project was a success...for the most part.  I lost all but one of the plants that I had growing to a hard frost that came while we were gone to Michigan, the pumpkin was the lone survivor of the frost.  If we had been home I could have covered the plants to save them :(  Lesson learned here for me.





The clematis that I planted last year is blooming and I LOVE it.



It's not summer without strawberry shortcake?

Strawberry shortcake

Life is busy, busy, busy, here around the farm.

our weekend fun

We skipped town and headed to lower Michigan to our son and dil's home.  Mr and our son planned to do some fishing. 

On our way we stopped in Hammond Indiana at the Indiana Welcome Center.

Triple dog dare

Outside of the welcome center there is a statue from the movie A Christmas Story.  The author Jean Shepherd grew up in Hammond Indiana.


Triple-dog-dare 2

Triple dog dare 1

I've been looking for some darker lilacs to plant in our yard, and after the guys came back from fishing my dil and I went to a nursery and I found not only one but two lilac bushes.

The one on the left is a French Sensation and the right one is a French Yankee Doodle.  I am in love with both of these bushes...(lol).


These two guys were so fun to see, with the younger one it's pretty much "monkey see, monkey do".  He follows and does everything his older brother does. 

Da boys

 It was a fun weekend and hope to get back there again for a visit.

today's the day

Today the meat birds arrive.  Mr is heading out right now to get them so it will be a busy 6-7 weeks with them here.

I thought I'd update you on the progress of my egg shell plantings.  These were taken a few days ago and since then a few more have popped out.  Now to get them transplanted into bigger containers, they are not ready to plant outside yet as we are still having very cool temps.



I received a package in the mail and showed Mr my new lens I bought.

Lens coffee cup

Totally faked him out :)  It's a coffee mug for traveling.  How cool it that eh?!  It's the perfect size for me and fits perfectly in the cup holder of his truck.

Lens cup

Did I fake you out on the lens coffee cup?

I'm off to get myself going so I can help with the chicks and take some pictures to show you their arrival.

life in the hills

New calf


Fog in valley

Egg starters

It's that time of year again when the calves are being born.  I love driving past the farms and seeing the new births.  This morning we woke up to fog coming up from the valley.  The seedlings I've planted aren't going to have the best start as we haven't seen the sun for a couple of days.  So, right now they are under a lamp and I'm hoping that will help get them started.  Right now it's snowing out...WHAT?!?!!!!!!  It's not sticking but it is coming down...sigh!  Oh what an April Fools joke.

it came and went

Where did the summer go?  Labor day has come and it's almost gone.  School has started and the last of the hot weather seems to be leaving us.  We spent a quiet day today not doing much of anything, but yesterday we met some friends and went to The Fireside Theatre for dinner and a show.  The Pump Boys and Dinettes were performing their last show and it was very good.

Big bold meatball

Today, like I said was spent quietly.  I made Big and Bold Meatballs for dinner and it was very tasty.  I had made this before but I don't think I had posted about it.

Yellow sunflower

Pretty soon the sunflowers will be gone, they are the last of my flowers that are blooming.
Tonight I could hear the coyotes howling for the first time in a long time.  I turned off the A/C this morning and it sure felt nice to hear the outside again.