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I will confess that I had no idea what an elderberry looked like.  I have heard of elderberries however, but having grown up in the "city" I've not seen elderberries, blueberries and thimbleberries yes, but not elderberries.  Well we found some and have made elderberry syrup and elderberry tincture, both have wonderful health benefits.  We also dried some of the berries for later use.

I get so excited when we find things like this and it appears that not many folks around here use the berries for anything, because now that we are aware of the elderberries, we see the bushes all over along the side of the roads here.

time passing by

The summer is flying by, some of our grandchildren have gone back to school this week.  It's been a very busy summer here in the Ocooch Mountains.

The wild coneflowers I planted last fall took and are doing great.  We had the Amish butcher our meat birds last week and we spent the day canning and freezing them and then over the weekend Mr. smoked some in the smokehouse he made.



Canned chicken 2017




Just incase you forgot what I looked like here I am :)  (Playing around with Snapchat)


I mentioned to Mr. yesterday that I didn't even know what day it was, as a matter of fact I was actually a week behind in my mind and totally forgot that I had to volunteer at the hospital yesterday morning and that's not like me to forget, though I have been known to forget something now and again.

I don't know about any of you but I'm so looking forward to fall coming.


I had hoped that we would be drying out sometime soon, but it appears that we'll be getting more rain in the next day or so, hopefully it won't amount to much.  We have dealt with 3 separate bouts of flooding in our area.

Smoky hills

There's one good thing if you want too look on the bright side of all the rain we've been having is that everything is green, and the fire danger is very low...just saying :)


Kar over at simply-kar has opened an on-line shoppe called The Wiggles & Squeaks Shoppe.  I bought her dishcloth pattern and made them.  They turned out great and so easy to make, her directions are perfect.  Head on over and check out what else she has for sale.

Crocheted dishcloths

Yay, I finally finished my Baktus Scarf that I made.  I had run out of yarn and only needed just a bit more to finish...grrr...But it's done and I can't wait for cooler weather so I can wear it.

Baktus scarf

We had our dog at the kennels over the weekend as we went to an APPPA class on raising poultry and driving in and out from picking her up we passed a few cows laying in the driveway and had to drive around them.


I just love living in the country.

the ditches

I've been trying for awhile to get flowers to grow along our ditches.  It's very hard to mow and I thought wild flowers would look good growing there and they have finally started growing.



Even the Queen Anne's Lace growing along the roadside looks so pretty.

Queen annes lace


Looking past the wild flowers I could see the neighbors fields looking so lush and green from the steady rain we've had this summer.

Neighbors fields

Even after such a busy July we've had it's still hard to believe the month is over.

spring or winter?

We have been having a really weird spring so far.  We are supposed to be getting our second snowfall and being outside it sure doesn't seem possible.  Last night Mr went out to the barn to get the tractor and snowplow ready on the off chance it does snow.  I had grabbed my camera just to walk around and take photos when I could hear loud motor sounds.  I spied Mr up on the ridge watching the "wings" motoring through the air or rather Power Paragliding.   There were 5 of them and by the time I got out there I could really only get a couple of good shots.  We know the people who were flying them, they had helped us with the cement work when we built our barn.


Sadie on the other hand seemed to not notice the loud noises coming from the sky.

Sadie girl

Heading back to the house after the para-gliders had moved on, I noticed my sad looking garden with no flowers growing yet other than weeds.  This grandma's garden plaque we given to me in 2001 for Mothers Day from our oldest granddaughter who was just born. 

Grandmas garden

We shall see today if winter has decided to come back.

life on the farm


Cutting brush and trees.

Mowing the weeds

Clearing the way....

Clearing the brush

for the maples to grow.

Tender tree

Meet our newest neighbor...Billy.  He joined the farm to the north of us.

Billy goat

Life is good...even in a pair of muck boots.

Muck boots

See Ya...You all have a wonderful day.

Four back ends



i think i've got myself a farm girl

Our youngest is really enjoying living here in Southwest Wisconsin on Gentle Hearth Farm.  She chased this chicken around until she caught it just so she could hold it.

Farm girl 

We had a blast with the grand kids and photos will follow.  I took lots of pictures of the fun things we did.  On Wednesday Lauren and I drove them back home to Minnesota so that they'd be home when their mom and dad got home from the airport.  They all tried to stay up to wait for them but they just couldn't make it.

Lauren and I stopped at a few places, more like I stopped :)  I went to the yarn shop where I bought the yarn for my sweater and picked up a skein just in case.  I was too pumped, the shop owner had some weaving supplies, so I picked up a few things.  I can't wait to start weaving now.  I dreamt about it all night long.

We stopped and had lunch with Becky and Erin.  Erin only had a half hour for lunch but it was nice visiting with her even if it was for a short time and Becky didn't start work until 4:00 so it worked out perfectly.

When we got back home the farmer who farms our land came and baled the hay they had cut.  Jim was too pumped the farmer who's name is Bob stopped and told Jim to hop on up.  So all evening long Jim rode with Bob while he baled the hay.

Making hay

Riding along 

Check out that smile.

All smiles

Hay bale 

They baled hay until it was done. 

Working in the dark

Jim came in all smiles.  He really enjoyed the ride and visit with farmer Bob.

I hope you all are doing good and that you have a wonderful weekend.



born to be free

The day has finally come when we've set the hens free.  They are now officially free range chickens.  Not that they weren't before, it's just now they can roam all over the place.

Being set free 

They weren't sure what to do and they stuck by each other.

Outside the coop

Jim picked up Buffy and tossed her out into the field.


Sylvia and buffy

Hazel 2

Buffy and Bev 

We have hawks here and we were a bit worried about that, and right away we heard one up in the sky.  The hens took cover in the tall grass and trees.  I don't think we have too much to worry about that.  Their instincts took over.

Free range

This spring we are planning to get more chicks.  In that batch I want my rooster.  So, the next project will be to make a bigger chicken coop.

We have had a busy time with the grandkids.  Today Lauren took them to the town pool to swim.  Tomorrow it will be closed for the season.  While they were gone that was when we set the hens free.

Now it really feels like a farm with my hens roaming free.