guard dog on duty

We have the most ferocious dog around, can't you tell?    Though most of the time she's sleeping, I do feel safe with her around when Jim's gone.  It's when she jumps up from a sound sleep and starts to bark and growl that sends my heart to my feet.  Always, it's for naught.  I'm guessing she is dreaming just before she wakes up barking. 

I bought Sadie a new bed the other day.  I was a bit hesitant doing so, as she chewed up the last one we bought her.  This is how you'll find her now, all curled up or stretched out over the edges.  I don't think she'll be chewing this one up.

Sleeping dog

I can't tell you enough or post enough about the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we get here in Southwest Wisconsin.  This sunrise was taken this week.

Pink sky

Christmas Eve is a week away.  Thimbleanna kindly reminded us that it's getting close.  Until someone actually put it down in writing, I kept thinking it was still a couple of "weeks" away.  But,  I'm in good shape.

Thanks for all the Christmas quilt love...I'll have to share with you my mistake while making it.  That tho is for another day.

You all have a super day!

i went for eggs and found a chicken

Our Buff Orpington was sitting in the nesting box laying an egg tonight when I went to gather the eggs.  Talk about perfect timing to have my camera in my hand.

Laying hen

There were a couple of eggs in the other nesting box.  The two clean eggs are the fresh eggs.  The two dirty ones on the right are actually ceramic eggs.  A few months back Jim found the remains of an eaten egg.  So, to stop that very bad habit we added four ceramic eggs, two in each box to help break the habit.  We had to write "fake" on the eggs because they are so real looking.  The grand kids love to check for eggs and they know if it says "fake" on the egg they can't take it.

Fresh eggs

We had a bad scare with our dog Sadie yesterday.  I took her to the vet yesterday morning for her yearly check up and shots.  The place I go to is a first come, first served basis.  So, you usually have to plan on being there for a couple of hours.  By the time I got home it was after lunch so I gave all three dogs their heart pills and sat down to have some lunch.  After lunch I did a few things around the house before I started thinking about dinner.  I needed to make some laundry soap since we were totally out and thought I could get that done before starting dinner.  I got everything I needed measured out just as Lauren came home from school.  I sent her to the store to get something for me, but as she was walking through the breezeway she yelled to me that something was wrong with Sadie.


I dropped what I was doing and went running to see.  I couldn't believe what I saw.  I'm sorry I didn't get a picture and later I could have, but I just wasn't thinking about documenting it on my camera at the time.

Sadie eyes were almost swollen shut and her nose/snout was twice the size of it's normal size, and you could tell that she was having a hard time breathing.  I panicked and yelled for Jim who calmly suggested that I call the vet.  The gal at the vets right away asked if she had shots today, and I said yes..."Bring her in she's having a reaction".  I'm so glad that we were around when this was going on.  I hate to think of what could have happened.  She was given a steroid injection and a benadryl shot.  I then had to give her a dose of benadryl about 10:00 last night and she got 3 doses today.  She's back to normal other than being a bit sleepy from the benadryl.  Talk about a scare.

I did end up finishing the laundry soap, but dinner was take out pizza. 

It's going to be a bit more quieter around "daily yarns" for awhile.  Our son graduates from college on Saturday and Sunday we'll be helping them move to Texas.  So, I'll probably be MIA for awhile.  I'm not sure if we'll be bringing the lap top or not.  But, I plan to take lots of pictures along the way.

I'm going to put the comment moderation back on while I'm gone.  I hope you all have a wonderful week and I'll see you when I get back, hopefully with some wonderful pictures to share with you.



getting ready for winter in many ways

We worked out in the yard over the weekend.  Cleaning out the gardens and adding compost to them, basically getting them ready for when it's planting time again.  Mostly Jim worked and I took pictures.

Spreading compost 

And, harvesting the last of the onions that we planted late in the season.


We also brought out the snow scoop and shovels.  We keep a shovel at every door...a tip from my dad.

Snow shovels

But, somethings not right here when we're bringing out the snow equipment and I'm seeing those wonderful SPRING flowers all over the yard...those wonderful dandelions.


Sadie girl our wonderful companion.  If we're working out in the yard she's right there with us getting in our way following us around wherever we go.  I haven't taken any pictures of her lately so I had her "stay" and she posed so cute for me.


Sadie girl

Jim went to the other side of the yard and she wanted to go and see him in the worst way...She stayed put but kept her eye on Jim the whole time just itching to take off after him.


My wonderful hens are getting so big.  I can't wait until they start to lay those eggs.

The hens

All my flowering plants are done for the year like this wild rose bush is.

Dried rose

Well that's how our weekend went.  I hope you all had a great one as well however you spent it.

i wasn't planning to go see the fireworks

But, they came to us.  We didn't even have to leave the comfort of our home to see the fireworks.  Our neighbors all gave a show.  The fireworks came from the left, the right, the front and the back of us.  They came from all sides.  By the time that I decided to take some pictures the shows were pretty much over.  I didn't get to set my camera up so I just had to point and shoot and this is what I got.


We had a close call last night and I don't mean from the fireworks. 

We get rabbits in our yard.  Normally I like the cute little critters.  But, when they eat all my plants and eat all the bark off my trees that eventually kills them, they are not on the list of my favorite animals.  So, we have been trying to train Sadie to chase then out of the yard.  Which she has been doing fairly well.

Well, last night Jim took Sadie out to do her duty and she spied what Jim thought at first was a little bitty bunny....Well, little bunnies DON'T have a white stripe down their backs.  Sadie started going after...yes you guessed it...a SKUNK.  Jim called her back and luckily she listens to commands very well.  Because that skunk had it's tail up and started to chase Sadie.  Yikes!!!!  They didn't get sprayed and they made it into the house safely. 

I guess we have to teach her the difference between a rabbit and skunk.

going for a swim in the river

Even though yesterday was not the warmest day, we took Sadie for a walk down to the swollen river, it also wasn't raining.  I'm glad we did go yesterday because today it is raining. 

You can tell that the river is swollen with rain water, a perfect spot for a swim.  You can see Sadie can hardly keep still,l bouncing all over the place like a young child.

Heading to the rivers edge

Throwing the stick wonder she can never find it right away she's never looking.

Ready to throw 

Now she looks for help...after the stick is in the water floating away.

Where did it go

This time she's watching but not where the stick went.

The throw

Farther down the river it got a bit deeper so she had to do some swimming.

Looking for it


Wet Sadie, who's looking to be able to swim some more.

A wet sadie

I hope I didn't give you picture overload here.  Last year Sadie just learned to swim and this year she's swimming like a pro.

Other than enjoying watching our Sadie swimming in the river, I have been busy knitting away trying to finish up the project that I have to get done.  I still need to finish personalizing the Siggy Blocks and get them out.

It seems like with the daylight savings time, that the day goes by much faster.  Does that seem like it to you?  That's all I need is to have my days shorter, it's bad enough that I'm getting up an hour later than I usually do.  I'm with Angie...give me "fall back".

Now, you all go and have a wonderful day.

one year ago today

Sitting in a restaurant having a Valentine's dinner we decided to get a dog and two days later we drove over 600 miles to get one,


and came home with this beautiful girl, who we named

Sadie Noelle.

Sadie is home 

I remember when she couldn't even climb these few stairs,


and loved to curl up on Jim's feet.

 Sadie sleeping  

It's so hard to imagine how small she used to be.

Sharing her crate

Sadie knows when we get the collar with her tags out...that means were going for a walk,

 J and sadie 

and sometimes it means going down to the river.  Where she learned new things, like testing the water,

Testing the water 

and eventually learning to swim,

Hey i'm swimming 

and just playing around.

Eating the grass

Even tho I secretly wanted a dog...these two have developed quite a bond.

Enjoying our walk 

That goes so much so that she'll sit under Jim's shirts hanging on the line for however long they hang, even if it's all day.

Waiting by the clothesline 

I'm not really sure what life would be like if we had never brought Sadie girl into our home.

Massage time

Her favorite spot used to be the area by the wood stove.


Now she's too big for it and is happy to just lay in front of it.

Sadie by the fire 

You can't imagine how hard it was to get her into this spot, but she did it.

Sadie 1 year 

That's our Sadie, she's a keeper.

Happy Valentine's Day!

oh, the weather outside is frightful

The fire is so delightful....and if you have no place to go...Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

Jim shoveling

Last night we got a few inches of snow.  I don't mind snow and we have gotten a couple of snowfalls so far this year.  I heard we are to get freezing rain and some snow on Thursday.  The freezing rain we could do without but the snow can come.  The boys stopped by after doing an emergency call and started shoveling the driveway.


Shoveling snow

Sadie loves the snow and will play in it all day as long as we are out there with her.  I'm guessing the lab in her is coming out.  Labs are water dogs and snow melted is water, so it's no wonder she loves to play in the snow.

Sadie in snow

National Dog Day

I saw over at Dot's Blog that today is National Dog Day and I just had to join in the fun to honor this day :)


Racing around

Sadie running  

Tired out

Tired sadie

I'm sure I have posted these pictures before.  I just haven't taken any new ones lately.