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first attempt at candle making

I've been reading a blog Chickens in the Road for years and have been reading her posts on candle making and finally I got up enough courage to try it myself.  I also saw on SouleMama's blog where she made her candles in tea cups, and after reading that post I knew I had to make candles.  So off I went after purchasing my supplies I headed to the thrift store to see what I could come up with in regards to what I was going to put the wax in.  I hit pay dirt with these pretty glass cups, I think they went to a punch bowl set.

First batch

I think wanting to make candles stems from getting a candle making kit for Christmas when I was a child and never ever making them.  Talk about childhood issues right ☺ LOL  No seriously, I wonder why I waited so long to do this.

Burning fine

Love, love, love.

Punch cups

I wanted to keep on making candles, but I have to burn these first.