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Reproduced Apron Sewing Books...

Scan0001_7 This is one of two books of Aprons that I found on Amazon.  They are both reproduced from an original copy.


Here is a little bit of what is in this particular book.

The Ten All American Novel Aprons is an unabridged republication of the rare original work first published circa 1930s.



Both books have Apron instructions.  I also found this book Ten All American Novel Aprons on Amazon.

My old sewing book...


This is my old sewing book that I had to buy (or rather my parents bought).  This book cost $1.00, I can hardly believe that was the price.  I had to have this for my "Introduction To Sewing" class my Freshman year.  This is copyrighted 1972, is this a Vintage item or what.  Most of the stuff we learned I had already knew how to do.  I had sewing in Middle school, but back in my day it was called Jr. High School.




This book showed you how to do everything.  I thought that I had misplaced this book awhile back.  I still thumb through this book whenever I come across it in my sewing room, amongst all my books and magazines that I have too many of.  Someday I will have to go through them all....but not now.  Call me a pack rat if you will.  Maybe that is why I still have a book from the 1970's.

brrrrrr it's a cold morning...


I bought Paula Deen's Quick and Easy Meals magazine last weekend.  I made the Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole recipe last night, that I found in this wonderful magazine (the recipe is in the post below).  It was very good and easy to make, and the good part about it everyone loved it.  I wanted to take a picture of it before we started taking from the dish, but I forgot.  So I took a picture of my plate, I served rolls and salad with it.  I highly recommend this dish.  I plan on making more of the recipes from this magazine.  Most of them are made with chicken.

How cold is it in your area?  It is -1 here.  Jim put a fire in the wood stove this morning.  I don't really plan on going anywhere today.  I am going to just sew and listen to our new XM radio that some of the kids got us for Christmas.

Jim helped me take our tree and Christmas decorations down on New Years day.  There are no longer any signs of Christmas inside the house, only my Christmas greens outside, but I will keep those for awhile yet.  I love the holidays, but I also like to move on to the next thing.

I am having a heck of a time this morning with our Internet.  It seems when ever we have rain or cold weather, the Internet service is bad.  At first I thought it was TypePad, but both the computer and lap top are acting up so it must be our Internet service.  So today it's a stay at home, do some sewing, and make a comfort dish for dinner tonight.

Hope today finds you all warm and toasty wherever you are.

You all have a great day.