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a charmer of a barn

We had to head to the Dells to the "big" hardware store to get some re-bar for the arch so that we could boil that last run we had, the grate broke and the fire wasn't burning right, so off we went.  Seems like each year we have problems with our arch, but we are in no way planning to buy a new arch so this one will have to do, and besides it's just a hobby for us. 

Old red barn

I spied this charmer on the way through the hills, and took a drive-by shot.  It's not in too bad of shape, only missing a few barn boards, the roof looks great which will help the barn last longer, especially if they replace those barn boards.


hanging out the laundry

Driving the other day I spied an Amish farm and could see clothes hanging on the clothesline, along with two barns on the Amish farm.

Amish farm

If you look just above the clothesline on the left you can see a small red barn as well.

Amish laundry

There's something about seeing clothes drying on the line, especially Amish clothes and especially in the winter.  Throw a barn, or two, or three in there, and it's even better.


mural barn

Mural barn

Mural barn 2

Driving through Southeast Wisconsin on our way to Illinois a couple of weeks ago, I spied this barn, I thought this barn was cute and I liked it with the mural on the side of it.  These are drive-by shots, so please excuse the two photos.


tobacco farm

We headed to Illinois for the Labor Day weekend.  On the way we took a different route, though it took a bit longer we found some new places.  If you remember I did a post about a tobacco barn last year this time.  I've been wanting ever since to see a tobacco field.  Well, this past weekend I got my wish.  Jim actually spied the tobacco field first and stopped so I could snap some shots.  This field is getting cut and stacked like this to dry.

Cut tobacco

Then Jim went down the road that runs in front of the farm.  I stood up in the van to get higher so I could get a better shot of the farm.


Jim decided to drive up the driveway to see if anyone was out to ask if we could get a closer look of the place, I was hesitant going into someones yard.  Going down the road I commented that it looks like there are Amish living in the area, because I could see the buggy tracks on the road.

Tobacco 2


The farm turned out to actually be a green house where they sell mums and it also turned out to be an Amish farm.  There was an Amish woman out tending to the mums so Jim got out to talk to her.  She was very happy to let us look around.  I asked her if she minded me taking pictures and she told me that it was not a problem.  I also asked her if the men would mind if I took pictures of them working and she told me that would be just fine, so those photos I will share later.

Amish home

The barn where the tobacco is being dried.  The barn was not your typical tobacco barn, it was a dairy barn at one time that was re-vamped to a tobacco barn.  We were able to walk inside and the smell that was inside the barn was wonderful.  I don't smoke and neither does Jim, but we both loved the aroma that filled the barn.

Tobacco barn

Checking things out

Tobacco 3

Inside the barn

Tobacco 4

Tobacco 5

Tobacco 6

After leaving the farm I spied another tobacco field as we were heading down the road.  This one I took on the fly, so sorry it's not that great.  The lighter green is the tobacco.

Tobacco field

I'm glad we went this way and I hope we go back this way again.


the finishing barn

The finishing barn

Fence at finishing barn

More fence

This is the finishing barn where our neighbor brings the calves when they hit a certain age.  They come here to finish getting fattened up before they go to the butcher.  No calves here now, they'll be coming up sometime this fall I believe.


my morning cup

I'm a diet coke drinker, I love my diet coke.  But, I know drinking it is not all that good for me, so I've cut way back from what I used to drink and now I've picked up drinking coffee.  A cup of coffee, especially with cream in it is oh so good.

Morning cup

Not only do I like drinking coffee, I love drinking in this sight. Our hay field is now all baled up and I just love seeing the bales out in the fields.  Here's a shot of our neighbors barn that is making us sick though.  Since moving here we are seeing it slowly fall apart.  This is the good looking side of it.  I wish we could move it over onto our property so that we could fix it up.

Barn and bales

Okay, diet coke vs coffee.  Which is the lesser of two evils?

happy 4th

Driving around Door County looking around, we came upon this barn.  I thought it was kind of fitting for the 4th tomorrow.  It's not quite a barn quilt, but I like it.  Hope you all have a safe 4th.

Qult barn block

Quilt barn stars and stripes


it might be old...but it's still standing

It's been a while since I've done Barn Charm.  I had decided not to participate as I wasn't really able to visit other blogs and didn't think it fair.  So, I'm going to try again and hopefully I'll be able to visit.  I found this charmer on our way to Illinois this past May.  These are drive-by shots, so please excuse if they are a bit blurry.


Another view of the barn, I particularly like the clouds in this shot.



red amish barn

Amish barn

Heading last Sunday to an Open House for a new Quilt Retreat House that a friend of mine opened up, I drove past this Amish farm.  Since I was driving I pulled over to take this photo and noticed that the Amish were having church services at this farm.  I'm a bit curious about the electric pole in the yard there though.  I wonder if it's hooked up?