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back road

Sunday's we usually go out for breakfast at a small cafe not in our town but one south of us, and sometimes we take a different route home from there.  Tho the hills are not as colorful as they were a few months ago, we do seem to have green grass still.

Down the road

Red barn

Along this road there are some really neat barns and outbuildings that I need to stop and take photos of.  This barn has been recently painted and the roof is in great shape making it so that this barn should be around a bit longer for all to enjoy.

a couple of old barns

Tobacco barn


These both were taken on this past fathers day.  On our way back from brunch we took a round about way home. 

I still love taking photos of barns tho I don't post them as much.  There's one thing we've noticed, around here at least, it's that if an old barn has a nice solid roof on it, the barn walls are almost 99% in great shape.  Whether the roof is new like in the first photo or rusty like in the second one.

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a busy week

What an awesome week we had with the grandsons.  Mr kept them busy doing "manly" things.

Grand boys

I, on the other hand, did "womanly" things.  I thought I'd share with you the quilt I posted a few days ago, it's the quilt that I had finished at the last re-treat I had gone on, it's called a tossed nine patch or disappearing nine patch, I had made the top a year ago.

Tossed nine patch

I did make another bag/purse for myself, it's the Newport Bag.  I didn't like the length of the handle so I cut it and tied it in a knot.


We brought the boys halfway home, we met our daughter in Rochester Minnesota which is about halfway between us and then took off down the road to Beloit Wisconsin to drop off our other grandson.  We met our daughter there as our granddaughter was in Rockford Il at a softball tournament.  As we crossed the Mississippi in LaCrosse Wi we stopped at the rest area and took a walk down by the river to stretch our legs.


It was a long day and we took different way home, instead of driving on the highway we took the back roads.  We found this cute barn quilt and a nice place to have dinner.

Barn quilt

I do have to say that I don't have the energy that I used to, but I do have more patience.

It was fun spoiling them and then sending them back to their parents :))))

Isn't that what grandparents are supposed to do?


snowy morning

Yesterday we got our first taste of snow here in the Ocooch Mountains and the roofers came to start roofing the barn.  Yay!!  I'll post on that at a later date. 

My parents went through some of their boxes (which isn't many) and decided to bring a load to St Vincent de Paul or otherwise known to us as St Vinny's.  So my dad and I took a drive.  I love driving though the hills especially on the kind of day it was yesterday.

Snowy morning

Later in the day my dad tells me a little birdie hit our sliding glass door.  Oh no, not again.  I wasn't that worried because we haven't lost a bird yet that have hit the window, they have always only been stunned and eventually would fly away.  My concern this time was that one of the barn cats would find it and decide to have a little snack, so I ended up standing outside with a broom in my hand keeping guard over the little birdie.


Be rest assured that it did end up flying away to safety.

I'm telling you if it's not one thing it's another happening here at Gentle Hearth Farm.  Never a dull moment.


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odd barn

Odd barn

This is a drive-by shot of a barn I spied on our way home from Hot Springs earlier this month.  I can't say that I've ever seen a barn without a window, it just looked so odd to me.


epic barn

Sunday we went to our friends son's high school graduation that was held at Epic in Verona Wisconsin.  Heading into the complex we spied this big beautiful barn, and look it even has a barn quilt on it :)

This place was amazing.


I joined a swap over at MaryJanes Farm and look at what I got!  It was my first swap and it was a wonderful experience.

Summer surprise swap

We are doing the second pour of the barn floor today.  I didn't have to help after all with the first pour of the barn, wonderful neighbors came to help!

Waiting for the truck


I hope Y'all are doing great today!  The sun is shining and there's a slight chance of rain, that's okay, life is good!


oh mr sun, sun, mr golden sun

Oh Mister Sun, Sun,
Mister Golden Sun,
Please shine down on me!

Barn window

Beautiful Door County, that's where this shot was taken, last June 2012.

Mr Sun sure hasn't been shining around here lately, tho the rain seems to have slowed down some.

Well, I lucked out (but don't tell Mr I said that..lol).  I won't have to help him pour the floor of the barn, our neighbor and another guy will be helping Mr with the pour.

I tried another new Nisu aka: Pulla recipe to make in my bread machine, it turned out pretty good.  I just love my bread machine.

Our alfalfa field is looking great this year, it should be getting the first cutting next week, though it probably needs to dry out a bit more for that, so we'll see what happens.

Haven't had time to really get into my sewing room to work on some of my UFO's.

We need to get some cats around here to keep the mice down, Sadie does a good job but she could use a bit of help.

Life just keeps plugging along here.

Y'All have a wonderful night!


good morning! or is it afternoon!

Slept late...

had breakfast...

did a few exercise videos...

started laundry...

folded laundry...

did the morning dishes...

balanced my checkbook (whew it balanced)


FINALLY got to sit and have a cup of coffee and do this post.

4-barn reflections

I found this barn somewhere between here and Illinois, lots of flooded yards and fields everywhere.  I was even re-routed on my way home because of flooding.  I loved the reflection of all the barns in this one.

Wow, where did the morning go?  I still need to run to town to do errands, maybe I'll find some more flood shots.

Hope Y'All are having a good start to this rainy Monday!