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chicks and chickens

Our chicks arrived and also 5 adult chickens we adopted from a neighbor who was getting rid of them, 4 hens and 1 rooster.  They are a Cochin breed and are not the greatest layers but we average 1-2 eggs a day, which is really nice to have at least that since the chicks won't be laying eggs for many months yet.


Jim had to scramble to make a "temporary" chicken coop for them.  The farm where we got the chickens from had a lot of chickens and these girls were getting pretty hammered from the other roosters and they don't move that fast, so I made some shields for the girls backs where their feathers were gone.  When the girls start molting the feathers should grow back just fine and I will remove the shields from their backs. 



Here they are waiting to get back into the coop.  I had to go run and get something as I was cleaning the coop out and had to close the door because they kept wanting to go back in there.  They are really adjusting well considering all their friends are over on the next ridge. The rooster has been a great guy up until today when he started to show some dominance with us, flogging like he wanted to fight us.  We'll see if he keeps it up because we're not putting up with a flogging rooster.

Chickens and coop2

Our chick breeds are from left to right...Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red and Barred Rock, for a total of 18 chicks, 12 hens and 6 roosters.  Not sure what we'll do with all those roosters, we'll probably keep 1 out of the bunch, the others will be raised for meat.  We went from zero to 23 birds on our little farm here in less than a week...whew!



The main chicken coop Jim started today and that is exciting for us.  I am breathing a sigh of relief having chickens again on our farm, especially with the way things are at with everything that's been going on lately. 

it's calving time


Baby calf


I just love this time of year when the calves are born.

Still busy making syrup, we've made just over 15 gallons of syrup so far this year and lots more sap to boil yet.

Company here again this past weekend to help with the sugaring.

The temps are finally getting warmer here and the snow is almost 100% gone.

It felt so good to be outside today with the temps in the 60's.

I've not been in the sewing room for some time and I'm really missing it, I have a few ideas of things I want to make.

Looking forward to gardening this year.

No big projects like last year, just small ones around the farm.

I planted some wildflower seeds last fall I hope that they have taken.

It's been a long winter here and I am finally ready for spring.


from my spot this morning

Looking out the window...

Looking out

...forced me to grab my camera and head outside.


Sauna wood

Fall leaves

These two look like they posed for me, but in actuality they had their eye on Sadie.  They still haven't figured out how to totally get along, or I should say, Sadie hasn't figured it out.  Hopefully she does sooner than later, because we are getting chickens in the spring, and things could get even more crazier around here if she doesn't get with the program soon.

Mister pose

Missy pose

Check out Mister the one who wouldn't come anywhere near us at first, he's turned into my buddy.

Friendly mister

Hope Y'All have a wonderful day today.


here kitty kitty

This is how I get entertained now, I watch the kittens play.  They feel safe on the back deck, because Sadie can't get to them, both stairs are gated.  Mister (on the right) still keeps and eye out for her, but Missy is a bit more braver and will lay on the top step to the deck with Sadie down below.  I'm with Mister, I don't quite trust Sadie and what she'll do, I'm hoping one of them will give her a good swipe with their paw and maybe she'll leave them alone.

Missy and mister 2

Missy and mister

Mister and missy

Still playing

Leave us alone


Missy 1

In the mornings and evenings they'll come and sit by our patio door letting me know that they are wanting to be fed.  How cute is that!


Hahah, sorry for the kitty post, I just had to share how cute they are :)

Have an awesome day today!


barn kittens

I went to a quilt retreat on Sunday, so I was gone when Jim went to get the kittens.  The kittens are 12 and 16 weeks old.  The female being the older of the two.  I guess it was interesting bringing them home.  This is where the female rode on the way home, photo taken by Jim's cell phone.  The male went under the front seat to hide.  Jim sent me some photos of the kittens.


Here's the male, another photo Mr had taken.


The kittens are half wild, being that they have lived out in a barn and away from people.  I would get updates from Jim that the female was warming up to him, but the male kept his distance.  When I got home today the kittens were nowhere in sight and had been missing since the night before.  Jim was a bit worried that something might have happened to them.  But as night fell tonight we could hear meowing outside, and there the little things were.

We don't really have any names yet really, but Jim's been calling them Missy and Mr, so I'm thinking those are going to stick.  The female has gotten really comfortable, but the male is still a bit skittish.

Getting acquainted


They really are cute, and I'm happy that they are safe.

Now to get Sadie to accept them and not want to go after them.  Jim says they can hold their own against her.  She's going to have to learn that they are now a part of the family and she's going to have to learn that they are not the enemy :)