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cat in the window

Walking through the small Iowa town we visited last weekend, I spied this cat in one of the windows.

Cat 1

He was as curious about me as I was about him.

Cat 2

After he decided that I was not that interesting, and the bird in the nest wasn't worth eating, he took off.

Cat 3

And so did I.

country animals

Doing my dishes one after lunch one day, I was looking out the window and this is what I saw.  Some of the neighbors horses grazing along the fence line, I thought it made a neat shot.


It's getting to be calving time again and the neighbor down the hill from us will be having quite a few born this spring, at least we hope he will.

Path of hay

We spied a new one the other day, it was up on the top of the hill.  But, coming home from town yesterday I spied it with it's momma a bit closer and darn if I didn't have my zoom lens with me, I have to remember to grab my whole bag instead of just my camera.

Cows and baby

I can't wait until I can get closer shots of the new ones.

Ah, spring!

a momma and her baby...SOOC~Sunday


We have guests staying on our farm.  Our neighbor just to the North of us have horses and not sure the story behind why this young gal moved in there animals and all.  I do know that her horses are not kept out in the pasture with our neighbors horses.  They are tied up by the barn along the lane where there is nothing for them to barely eat.  The other day Jim walked over to talk to the young woman, and told her to picket her horses on our property.  The look on her face was the look of happiness.  Like I said I don't know her story or why her and her animals are living there, we thought having her picket her horses on part of our land would not be the worst thing in the world to do. 

One of her horses had a foal born this summer and they are neat to watch.  The foal is not tied up and is free to roam but stays right by her momma. 

It's wonderful living out in the country.  Life just can't get any better than this.

I'm linking with Jan for SOOC Sunday.

what was on my camera

Not much I'd have to say.  Heading to town yesterday I stopped the car next to this bunch trying to rest in the cool shade.  This is the only spot in the afternoon that is shaded so you'll find them trying to stay cool especially on those hot days, and right now it's really nice fall weather, so I guess this is just their favorite nap time spot.

All in the shade


Stare down

Then we took a walk out to the hay field.  We decided not to let Farmer Bob rent it, so we let the hay grow and Farmer Bob took the first cutting he wanted.  We just let it grow because we have other plans for it this fall.  Then walking the other night we met our neighbor Joe who farms the field behind us, if he would have known Farmer Bob didn't want the hay he would have cut all summer, we told him to take what was left if it was any good anymore.  So, he did.

Sun going down

We're thinking this field would look pretty nice with prairie grass and wild flowers growing tall.

the many faces i come across in our ocooch mountains

She's not happy to have her picture taken, she was pretty worried that I was getting too close to her baby.


This beauty, tho it didn't want it's picture taken either, gave me a pretty good pose anyway.

Beautiful pheasant

A pair that were also camera shy, they couldn't wait to get away.


Some won't show me their face at all.


Our faithful protector/companion, waiting patiently while we worked in the garden.

Our protector

She eventually showed her face...

Our faithful friend

I get the feeling she was sticking her tongue out at me...


don't anyone complain how dry it is

Unless you live in an area that looks like this.  The watering holes or ponds were getting pretty low in Oklahoma.

Low pond

You can see where the water level in this photo was at one time.

Cattle to drink

This is a skinny cow and I don't mean the kind you buy in the freezer section of the grocery store.  I took this photo while driving along the highway in Texas.  Most of the cattle and horses here were pretty skinny.

Skinny cow

Crossing this river was pretty shocking and I missed a shot of a big river like this that was pretty much bone dry.

Sand bars

Brown land

One of our daughters commented along the way how the corn looked.  She thought that they were "way" ahead of us...We told her no...they were in a drought.

Her response was...WOW!

This photo is a drive by shot while it was raining on our way back home from Texas, finally some rain and a double rainbow.

Double rainbow

I'm sure the rain is much appreciated, but I think the damage is already done.


new birth

Don't ya just love new birth of any kind...newborn babies, newborn kittens etc?  What about 2 day old calves?   New calves were born to the farm down the hill.

2 days old

Sleeping calf

Getting up

Twins were born to this protective momma.


The two new mommas,  one with maternal instincts, the other has none.

New moms with babies

The 3 were born last week in the pasture up on the ridge during a rain storm.

Cow on ridge

They had to be brought down to the lower pasture and brought into the barn to be milked, just until they were strong enough to be with the moms.

Lots of calves still being born and I enjoy seeing each and everyone of them.  Our neighbor Joe who owns this farm, invited us to bring the grand kids to see the calves.  We are having company coming tomorrow and we plan to hopefully fit a visit in. 

I hope Joe doesn't mind if I tag along :))))


i've got my eye on you

Bull 2

I can see that for some of you winter is getting tiresome, and you're more than ready for spring to be here.  When you can see those beautiful flowers again, plant those gardens and just soak in the warm sun. 

I, on the other hand, haven't grown tired of winter just yet.  Tho, I am yearning to see my hummers again.

  Humming bird

Here's hoping that spring comes a bit faster for you all.