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it's march

The weather has changed a few times.  No calves born yet, at least not live ones, our neighbor had a calf born too early and it didn't make it, that was sad to hear.  Even though they are not our cattle we see them pretty much everyday and we have gotten kind of attached to them.




Can you believe we are still making syrup?  The sap is still running, slowly but still running.  The 4H group came and had a wonderful time, I'll try and do a post about that.

Sugar bush

I've been wanting to make maple sugar since we starting making maple syrup.  So when our son and dil and the grands came we made some.  I thought I'd give the maple sugar a try and looked for a maple cake recipe and Martha Stewart had a maple cake recipe on her blog.

Maple sugar


I like a bit of cake with my whip cream :)  Instead of frosting this cake I thought I would put whip cream on it...YUM!


I don't know about you but I'm ready to see some flowers blooming again.



A close-up of the eagles.

Two eagles


Calving time

Amish plow

It's still looking pretty drab around here and I'm enjoying the blogs that are showing photos of the pretty flowers that are blooming in their areas...sigh...soon.  At times it doesn't even seem like spring has arrived at all, we've had the wood stove going a couple of nights ago.  Speaking of things arriving, we are expecting to get our meat birds on the 14th or 15th depending on when they arrive at the feed store, and we are ready.

life in the hills

New calf


Fog in valley

Egg starters

It's that time of year again when the calves are being born.  I love driving past the farms and seeing the new births.  This morning we woke up to fog coming up from the valley.  The seedlings I've planted aren't going to have the best start as we haven't seen the sun for a couple of days.  So, right now they are under a lamp and I'm hoping that will help get them started.  Right now it's snowing out...WHAT?!?!!!!!!  It's not sticking but it is coming down...sigh!  Oh what an April Fools joke.


I hope you're not tired of snow photos.  I'm trying to embrace the winter since it's not going away anytime soon :)  Coming home from town on Sunday I took these shots of the neighbors cows.






While taking close up photos of the cows, I spied the black one trying to peek at what I was doing.


Now, I'll be moooving along :)

catching up

Oh wow, I can't believe it's been a week since I posted last.  Spring has finally arrived and with that comes the new babies.  This momma I didn't realize at first was nursing twins.

Momma cow

Mom and twins

My oldest granddaughter was going to try and make a t-shirt quilt from all her softball t-shirts.  So, I told her I would make it for her, she was just going to tie them somehow together.  I used flannel for the backing and I love after I washed and dried it how it turned out.

I'm just learning to quilt on a frame and I decided to go with big loops for the stitching to get into the groove of free-motion quilting and to keep the weight down on the quilt since it's already a bit more heavier than your "normal" quilt being made with t-shirts.


Quilt t-shirt


The chicks are getting so big and I totally forgot to take a photo of them but it's been raining, tho we didn't get the weather that some places did with tornadoes touching down.  I pray that anyone that has been affected by the recent bad weather is okay.



Update on the turkey eggs, something had gotten to them and the hen, turkey feathers were found not far from the nest where the eggs had been.  I was totally sick about it all.  We have been seeing a fox hanging around the area and the other night on our way home we had seen a baby fox, otherwise known as a kit, cub or pup and we found out where the den is and there are at least 5 of them.


Two kits



Not sure if these are the ones that got the eggs and hen or if coyotes did.  I'm thinking maybe the coyotes are the culprit.

Mr and I both were very disappointed in the discovery.


it's calving time


Baby calf


I just love this time of year when the calves are born.

Still busy making syrup, we've made just over 15 gallons of syrup so far this year and lots more sap to boil yet.

Company here again this past weekend to help with the sugaring.

The temps are finally getting warmer here and the snow is almost 100% gone.

It felt so good to be outside today with the temps in the 60's.

I've not been in the sewing room for some time and I'm really missing it, I have a few ideas of things I want to make.

Looking forward to gardening this year.

No big projects like last year, just small ones around the farm.

I planted some wildflower seeds last fall I hope that they have taken.

It's been a long winter here and I am finally ready for spring.


easter weekend

I hope Y'all had a Blessed Easter.  I've been gone for awhile from the blog, because we had family in town for sugaring and Easter.  It was a busy weekend, but a fun weekend, and I hardly brought the camera out. 

One day the weather was warm, the next day we need the winter gear back on.


Easter morning taken with my iPad.


The grate in the evaporator where the fire burns broke, and we had to head to the Dells to get some re-bar so that we can continue to boil some more sap.  The weather conditions have not been that great, and so far we've only got half of the syrup that we got last year, but the conditions for the next couple of days should produce more sap for more boiling :)

It's starting to feel like spring around here, the snow is starting to melt on the farm here and most places it's pretty much gone.  A new calf always means it's spring time and this one was recently born at our neighbors farm down the road.

New born calf

Oh, and speaking of newborns we had a new grandson born the other day...pictures in a few days.

I hope Y'all have a wonderful Monday, I didn't have time to do Happy Homemaker Monday, I'll catch it next week.