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amish girls


Heading to the Dells we pass through another Amish community.  These girls were each riding a bike, it looks like it's a bicycle for two but they are each on their own very colorful bike, one pinkish purple and one a light blue.  I'm guessing that there are no rules to having colorful bikes, it's one way to get some color into their life.  I don't know about the Amish in other areas, but the Amish here ride bikes to get around, and if you saw our hills here, you'd know how hard it really is to get around on a bike.

Hope Y'All have an awesome day today!


wet laundry

Wet laundry

It's been raining here the past few days and then the other day it snowed, just a dusting, but yet it's April and it SNOWED!  Heading to a quilting class I passed some Amish clothes hanging on the line on a rainy day.  It sure is going to take a few days for these clothes to dry as the temps have dipped down into the high 20's, low 30's overnight.  The sun really hasn't shined for a few days.  I'm beginning to wonder if spring is ever going to arrive.

I do hope Y'all have a wonderful weekend.

hanging out the laundry

Driving the other day I spied an Amish farm and could see clothes hanging on the clothesline, along with two barns on the Amish farm.

Amish farm

If you look just above the clothesline on the left you can see a small red barn as well.

Amish laundry

There's something about seeing clothes drying on the line, especially Amish clothes and especially in the winter.  Throw a barn, or two, or three in there, and it's even better.


i'm a bad blogger

Hey Y'all, I hope you are doing good.  I can't believe that it's been so long since I've posted.  I've just been a busy girl here.  I've done lots of quilting, and we've been working around Gentle Hearth getting is all spruced up.  We finally got rid of our rotting railings and finished installing the new ones and here's how they look.

Can you believe we have green grass???  It was brown and crunchy not long ago and it needs a mowing BADLY!

I'll share with you some shots we spied on our way to and from LaCrosse to get some stain for the deck and railings.

Deck railings

Had to turn around for this one that Jim spied.

For sale

Manure load

Amish buggy

Gathering the hay

Racing along

Rolling hills

Father and son

Green crop

I've entered some of my photos in the fair for the very first time ever, so I've been busy going through them.  We also entered our maple syrup.  Wish us luck.


late nights early rises

We had another wonderful weekend come to an end.  Our grandson had a hockey tournament North of us, so our daughter, son-in-law and the grand-kids stayed with us for the weekend, along with some close friends who are actually the other set of grandparents.  It was fun visiting and watching hockey.  The weather over the weekend was foggy, rainy and a bit of snow which made the roads a bit slick in some spots.

Speed limit 45

You can see the horses breath it was that cold outside.  I get very nervous driving past the buggies.  I was gad I wasn't driving past this one, especially as we met right at the curve in the road.


I can't believe Christmas is only 20 days away.  I have to say I'm in good shape with my shopping, I think I'll do some wrapping today.

How are you all, are you done shopping or are you just starting?

I hope you all have a wonderful day today.

amish school children

These are drive-by shots of some Amish school children hauling buckets of something back to the school, taken on April 1st.  Can you tell our snowfall didn't last very long?  Woohoo!!

Amish boys

Amish girls

Amish School house

What do you think they're hauling in those buckets?