ingomor montana

30-day challenge

For the month of May I started a 30-day 30-minute walking challenge.  I sometimes take photos of something on my walk, this was from the other day before we got snow.  This was from down the lane where we took the path into the pine trees.  The temps were pretty nice making such a wonderful walk/hike.


But, 4 days later we had this.  I put a ruler into the snow, and it measured 6 inches, some areas got in the upwards of 12 inches.


Despite the snow that didn't stop me from walking.  By the time I walked the snow was starting to melt and of course the mud came back.


The temps are still not the greatest windy and cold, and at times I have a hard time believing that spring is here, at least I hope we get a spring.

Sugaring season is over and everything has been cleaned up and put away, Jim has been cutting up trees that have come down and felling trees that need to come down getting our wood supply built up for next winter.  In our sugaring season we ended up with 12 batches of  syrup.  You never know how much syrup you get with a batch, some years we boiled close to 18 batches of syrup.  This year we cut back on the amount of taps we put in, and I kept out a bottle from each batch to compare the color of the syrup.  The colors were almost identical but with each batch the flavor got just a bit bolder, not too bold though, or as bold as what we call cooking syrup so dark that you can't see through it.


Busy spring so far but it seems to be slowing down some now that sugaring is over.  It's raining today so I'll try and get a walk in between the drops :) Trying to walk 30 days in a row can be a bit challenging and the few days I've missed I make it up with extra minutes on another day.  So far it's been a fun challenge.