spring has arrived
sugaring season 2023 begins

new kid on the block





Just when we thought winter was gone, we woke up to a bit of snow on the ground and no sunshine.

We sure do enjoy having animals.  Our neighbor told Jim when he took care of our animals last that our milk cow is like a pet, totally different than his beef cattle.  Lazer loves being scratched on her lower neck.  In fact, she will nudge Jim if he stops so he'll scratch her neck more.  The new calf is tagged #23 which is what we call her, she is adjusting well and Lazer has accepted her as her calf.  The quad, which consists of Lucy our Jersey calf, Rose who is our Milking Shorthorn/Devon cross beef calf that we'll be keeping and #24 and #25 all heifers, have been very curious about the new kid on the block.

I'm not sure what is going on with Typepad, but some of my photos will not show up on a post, and I somehow lost my banner, I put another one up, so we'll see if that disappears as well.