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amish country









We finally got snow but not on Christmas like I like.  Our UTV had to go into the shop to have work done on it.  We use that UTV for sugaring and really can't be without it.  We drove through Amish country on our way home.  It was very quiet on the roads didn't pass too many cars or buggies along the way.  School was in session for the scholars at the many schools we passed, and some were outside for lunch and recess as it was in the noon hour when we went by.

We also saw quite a few eagles flying around and luckily, I was able to capture a drive-by photo of one and another sitting in a tree nearby.  If you look closely, you can see the one in flight, it had been in the middle of the road eating on something and took flight as we got closer.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year in 2022.



Good afternoon, it's been a busy week here. 

On Monday, I did laundry and made garlic salve

I remember when I was a young girl and my dad wasn't feeling well, an older women Edie in our church told him that she has something that would help him and that was garlic.  I'm not sure how the garlic was used at the time, but my dad wasn't interested but thinking back I wish he had taken her up on her offer of help. 

I believe Edie did things naturally.  I remember seeing alfalfa drying in her home that she used to make tea with.  My cousin and I would ride our bikes over to her apartment to visit from time to time and walking into her small apartment you could smell that distinct smell of garlic.  Edie was my cousins grandmother and spoke her mind which I never minded as a young girl, my cousin and I would enjoy our short visits.  Though she wasn't my grandmother I would sometimes think of her as my grandmother too. 

I wish that my cousin and I could sit and visit with her again as adults.  Edie had passed away many years ago and I do think of her often, especially when I get a whiff of garlic I think of her. 

I would love to turn the clock back just for one more visit.

the weeks-end

Farmall b&w

Outside doing chores the other night the sky just looked so neat above the Farmall M that Jim has.  I absolutely love this tractor. 

Friday night we had no plans to do anything but hang around the homestead doing things that have been neglected some.  Am I complaining? Nope, it's all good.  Making meatballs and a broccoli cheese casserole for supper, yum!  I especially love leftovers the next day for lunch.  I've finally learned how to make meals and not have enough to feed an army


The pigs are only with us a few more days and then we'll be butchering them.  It seems like we've had them forever.  I will say it'll be sad not to see them around the homestead here anymore.

I've been trying to do some knitting and that has been going so slowly and heading to the sewing room has not been happening lately either.  I chalk it up to the short days we have now.  How about you, does the shorter days bother you too?