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happy hatch day

Sorry this photo is a bit blurry, I was too excited about the hatching plus these babies were not staying still long enough so that I could focus on them, so this was the best I could get.



2021 baby chicks

I stand corrected in the video, I said "Happy Birthday".  I was corrected that it's actually Happy Hatch day!  Any way, we have chicks, 19 to be exact out of 22 eggs that were incubated.  So our hatching odds were pretty good for the first time ever incubating our own eggs.  They started showing signs of starting to hatch on Wednesday and by the time we woke up on Thursday we had 3 baby chicks and by late evening there were 19 total that hatched.  The last 3 eggs I checked after leaving them in the incubator for a few more days just incase they are late hatchers.  I'm sad to report that one wasn't fertilized and the other two for some reason stopped developing. 

It's starting to get hot here again in the 90° range which I don't mind too much.  So far though we have faired pretty well not putting our AC on, the nights have cooled down enough that sleeping hasn't been too unbearable.  It's also been pretty dry here and I have been having to water some of my plants.  One thing about the hot weather, we haven't had to run the chick brooder too much that keeps the chicks warm when they go under it.  We do plug it in later in the evening as the nights get a bit cool for them, not for us but definitely for them.

I love getting new chicks on our homestead here and it's especially exciting that we hatched chicks from our own flock.