on the needles



We stopped at a campground last month when we were out for a drive.  We used to go camping there back when our children were small.  Driving through the campground really brought back so many memories.  This pond is a man-made pond and we would enjoy taking the kids swimming there.  I'm guessing it's been about 30 years since we were here last. 

So many changes in our life.  We no longer live in Illinois and our children are all grown up and have moved out of the house and have lives of their own now.  It's nice to reflect on the past remembering the good and even remembering the bad, but as long as we don't stay in the past all is good.

I had started another blog and thought to close this one.  I may keep it going, I may not, I guess I wasn't really ready to let this one go, so I'll keep it going for a bit longer.  We are coming upon the anniversary of Sadie's death, and maybe that's why I'm feeling a bit melancholy at the moment.  It won't last long I know.  We haven't had too many sunny days lately and we've been a bit under the weather over here.  But life continues to be good to us and I feel very blessed to be where I am today, physically and mentally.