i'm ready for warm weather
stepping into fall

main coop~the pour

Well the main coop is starting to take shape.  The foundation for the floors and walls went together nicely.  The lumber we got from a neighbor who has a small sawmill.  Our neighbor came and helped with the pour, which was very nice of him to take time away from his own work on his farm.


Main coop 9

Here we are doing the finishing work on the cement.  I've not done any cement finishing work ever so it was fun doing it.  It reminded me of icing a cake, that's the only way I can describe it.

Main coop 8

Main coop 7

Main coop 6

Main coop 5

After the forms had been stripped off and the cement was cured enough Jim got some dirt from our property to put inside the coop.  We are going with a deep litter method in the coop, so that explains why we didn't put cement throughout the chicken coop.  The cemented area is going to be where I will be keeping the feed and any supplies that I will be using for the chickens.

Main coop 4

It's been a lot of fun helping out with the construction of the coop.