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quilt cruise quilt

Back in late September early October, I went on a 9 day quilting cruise up the east coast and into Canada. It was a Judy Niemeyer Quiltworx quilt that we had worked on.  I will say that this was my very first cruise.


This was our view when we were sewing.

Sewing area

This was not my quilt, this was one of the instructors quilt, we just had to take a pose with it.


The goal was to finish a quarter of the quilt which most of us did not do. When I got home I started right away on it. I knew that if I put it aside that there was a very good chance that I would forget where I left off and most likely forget how to even put it together. I did not pick the colors, each of us all got the same colors so there will be 30 of these quilts floating around USA and Canada when the others finish theirs.



I have so many photos to share from my cruise that I thought starting with the reason I went on this cruise was a good place to start.