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december first


I hope and trust you all had a safe and wonderful thanksgiving however you spent it.  We had a VERY nice thanksgiving with family, having fun, and lots of food.  We got home yesterday and as soon as we got home the rain started.  Even tho I'm not fond of driving in it, I was wishing it was snow.

A couple of years ago I made a Christmas journal, but last year I dropped the ball on doing it but not this year, this year I am ready.  There is just something about journaling, journaling your thoughts just simply putting them down, pen to paper.  Especially with the busy holiday season, journaling the month of December helped me to remember things I wanted to do, foods I wanted to make.  Journaling just helped me get through the month, enjoying each day as it came, I didn't wake up like years past and have the whole month of December pass by in a blur.