walking the land
so much thankfulness

saying goodbye is so hard


This is not what I wanted to blog about when I did a blog post again.  Our hearts are breaking and I know with time they will heal.  The hardest part is our daily routine for both of us is forever changed.  From the time we woke up, to the time we went to bed, life revolved around her.  Wherever we went she went here around the farm.  On our trips to Texas she was boarded in a kennel or stayed with family.  I know she missed us when she wasn't with us as we did miss her.  Life got harder for Sadie as she was getting older, especially the last few months.  I miss my Sadie girl when I venture to the mailbox now, and I miss coming into the house and she's not there to greet us.  I guess with time, whenever I am reminded of her around here the pain won't be so bad and I will be able to smile and say without crying "Oh Sadie Girl how I miss you".  I had blogged over the years where many times she was in those posts, you can see those posts HERE.



Rest in Peace Sadie girl, you will be forever in our hearts.