from our home to yours
finishing it up after 2 years

catching you all up to date


Oh wow, where have the months gone?  I had meant to continue posting but life just seemed to have gotten in the way.  Let me give you an update of what’s been happening here at the farm. 

Christmas was spent in Illinois with a couple of our sons and taking the train and spending the day in Chicago, and then a stop in Michigan to see kids there.

We had or what seemed like we had was a very long winter, seemed like it just wasn’t going to quit. We even had snow early April luckily I was in Washington state helping with a new grand baby, so hubby was holding down the fort here.  I was in Paducah Kentucky enjoying Quilt Week and the beautiful weather down there and hit some bad weather going home, traveling in rain, sleet and wind is not fun.

After my last post we traveled down to Texas and made a short stop in South Carolina to see some friends.  South Carolina isn’t really on the way but we made a road trip out of it. After Texas was sugaring time,  sugaring started later this year and only went for a couple weeks. Though it was a short season it was our second best season of the year for quantity. 

I’ve been doing some quilting, not much knitting I hate to say. Spring has finally arrived and the baltimore orioles are back and a couple of hummingbirds.  We have lots of yard work to do still, getting the gardens ready for planting and my flower gardens cleaned out.  

I’m hoping I’m not gone from the blog for as long as I was this last time.