a trip to the river
40th anniversary trip

i’m still here


Life just seems to get busier as the years go by.  Jim and I are doing good here in Southwest Wisconsin. The Christmas season is fast approaching and I have no idea where the year went. At the end of September we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary and I had meant to share our anniversary trip with you. We had an awesome time, we headed to northern Wisconsin and made a loop and ended up in Door County. I will share it here soon. 

I’ve been on a few quilt retreats, the boys came hunting again this year, we can now call it an annual event, which is great. I make sure the boys are fed which is pretty much my job the whole time they are here. It’s a great time for everyone. 

We have snow still up on the ridge here, though down in the valley and especially in town all the snow is mostly gone. The other day it was warm enough for me to go outside and wash my windows and for the snow to melt off the deck. It felt like a spring day.  Jim worked out in our woods cutting up a huge tree that had fallen during a storm, it’s also in the path where we drive during sugaring time so the tree had to go and it was the perfect day to be outside in the woods, plus it’s a start for the 2019 wood supply, which is a never ending job when we heat with wood. 

Life keeps moving on and we’re trying our best to keep up with it.