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hurricane harvey


It's peaceful up here in the Midwest, we have cool weather just a bit of rain now and again, but nothing compared to what our kids who live down in Houston are experiencing, where hurricane Harvey has hit them with Tropical Storm Harvey.  We have been in contact with them and so far they are safe and dry, that could change since the storm doesn't seem to be ending any time soon but let's hope not.

So if you could, say a little prayer for all the hurricane/flood victims.

eclipse 2017

Mr. has wanted to see a total eclipse pretty much his whole life and about 3 years ago when he heard there was going to be one in 2017 he was in.

We stayed in Excelsior Springs Missouri at The Elms, which was in the line of totality. But with the rain and cloud cover that came in we didn't stay there to view the eclipse


We moved up north to Hamilton Missouri, where the viewing was so much better.  There still was cloud cover and it rained but the sky opened up and we were able to see the total eclipse for almost the whole duration. 






It was a wonderful time for all of us.  We had good company, got to see the eclipse and shop pretty much at the same time :)

our sign

I love our sign.  Mr. made it after I sketched out what I wanted and then when it was in place I painted it free hand.  I usually take a photo of it in each season but here summer is almost over and I'm just getting a photo now.  When we first moved here there were hosta's in this area, but they eventually developed some kind of disease or fungus and we ended up pulling them out.  So, I planted a few different kinds of lilies.  We hang sap buckets on the sign during sugaring time and this year we kept them on, I kind of like them on all the time.







I'm so enjoying the cooler weather we have been having, but I know it may not last and the warmer temps will be back.

signs of change












Walking around the yard the other day taking photos of the fruits of our labor, I also took photos of signs that summer is coming to an end.  Some of the flowers still looked good but most were already starting to dry up.  I don't know about you all but I love Queen Anne's Lace

But who's ready for fall/autumn?  I know I sure am.

have a peach of a weekend

I thought I'd share just a bit of our small piece of land we live on, so I grabbed my camera and walked around the farm.  The peaches were taken a few weeks ago when they were ripe. The grapevines are starting to produce and the apple trees aren't doing as well as the peach and cherry trees did.  We'll have to definitely work on them more.





I hope you all have a peach of a weekend.

life sure is grand

I went to town to do a few errands and took a different route.  There are about three ways to go to town when I head out my driveway and I went along the ridge towards what we call tickle belly hill.  If you were to start at the top of the hill at a very fast rate of speed you will feel like you're on a roller coaster.  I stopped to take this photo as you can see not a car in sight in front of me or behind me.


I've also been meaning to take a photo of the barn quilts that are always leaning up against this barn.  I believe they are for sale, and I think the owner needs to put one up on this barn as well.


One item on the list of errands was to get a new dog bed for Sadie, and after a few sniffs of the new bed she settled herself down.  I think it's a hit.  Sadie is getting old, some days she can't keep up with us on walks and other times she's way ahead of us where we have to catch up to her.  She definitely has a good life.


The garden has been producing quite well, we have had food from our garden everyday.  Walking out to the garden to gather a few things for lunch or supper is nothing short of awesome!


Life sure is grand :)

hello again

Wow, two posts in one week, hopefully I can keep it up.

I am so loving the cooler weather we have been having of late, the whole summer has been absolutely awesome.  I skipped out for a weekend getaway to do some sewing with a friend last month.

This cute table runner was just one of the projects I finished and sitting out on the porch with a cup of coffee was totally relaxing.



I started these socks last January and finally am getting them done.  We planted some Minnesota Midget melons and I just couldn't resist a melon break when Mr. brought a melon in to try.


I've had this quilt in the back of my mind when I saw the panel in the quilt shop I frequent.  I plan to donate this quilt for a Gala/Dinner held in South Dakota.


I am working on another quilt right now but it's really in the early stages to post about.  Though I've not been blogging I have been keeping busy sewing and knitting.

I'm still having a hard time believing that school has started and summer is almost over.  I do love fall though and can't wait to get apples from the orchard and make applesauce.

time passing by

The summer is flying by, some of our grandchildren have gone back to school this week.  It's been a very busy summer here in the Ocooch Mountains.

The wild coneflowers I planted last fall took and are doing great.  We had the Amish butcher our meat birds last week and we spent the day canning and freezing them and then over the weekend Mr. smoked some in the smokehouse he made.



Canned chicken 2017




Just incase you forgot what I looked like here I am :)  (Playing around with Snapchat)


I mentioned to Mr. yesterday that I didn't even know what day it was, as a matter of fact I was actually a week behind in my mind and totally forgot that I had to volunteer at the hospital yesterday morning and that's not like me to forget, though I have been known to forget something now and again.

I don't know about any of you but I'm so looking forward to fall coming.