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here and now

Things sure have gotten away from me here on the blog.  So here I sit doing this post being in the present, with an essential oil burning in one of my diffusers and thinking about what I've been doing this past month.


Let's see.  I've gone on a couple of shop hop bus trips (no photos).  Went on a quilt retreat again no photos, and finally finished the disappearing 4-patch quilt that's been on my pile of ufo's needing to be finished.

Heidi's quilt

Last summer I bought a couple of lilac bushes in lower Michigan and brought them back home.  This year both bushes are blooming very nicely, this is a French lilac bush and I absolutely love it.

French lilac

 The hummers have arrived for the season and It's nice to see them again...Welcome!!


I know I don't get on the blog as much as I want to, but you can see what I'm up to over here at Instagram.

But despite being busy and missing from the blog...Life is Good!