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maple sugar






We made maple sugar and it turned out wonderful.  It's Mr.'s birthday tomorrow and I plan to use the maple sugar in the cake I plan to make.  I missed taking photos of the boiling steps to making maple sugar :(

I definitely did not have the strength the stir the syrup so Mr. had to do it for me.  I don't plan to buy any white sugar and I'm very excited to start making things with the maple sugar.

If the cake turns out I'll definitely share it with you. 

elkhorn hot springs~august 2015

On our way west to our daughters wedding, we stopped at a 100 year old lodge that had a natural hot spring.  What drew Mr. to this was that it had a wet sauna.  We actually went off the beaten path to get to this place.   

Hot springs

It definitely was not the Ritz.  If you wanted rustic, you got rustic.  Picking out the cabin to sleep in for the night I wanted to sleep in The Badger, I figured that had to be a good one seeing that we are from the Badger state.

The badger



The view

The creek


Not sure if I showed you the yarn I had found earlier in the day on our way here.  I found it in a yarn shop called Daily Yarn in Dillon Montana.  How cool is that!  Of course I had to buy something from a shop called Daily Yarn. 

So while Mr. went fly fishing I sat on the front porch of the cabin and knitted.

Mountain colors

I have to relate a funny that happened.  We had food in the back of our truck and asked the worker there if there were bears and if we had to bring our food into the cabin or lock them in the cab of the truck.  No, he said. they only have red fox no bears.  Okay so we're good.  Well at 1:00 a.m. the trucks alarm went off.  We both pretty much jumped out of our deep sleep.  Mr. went out to check things and nothing, not sure why the alarm went off.  So, after things were checked out and all was good we settled down to try and go back to sleep.  I then got the giggles.  Mind you I am short and my feet were hanging off the bottom of the bed as well as Mr.'s, we were both sliding off the bed.  The floor in the cabin had a slant to it, if you put a marble in one corner of the cabin it would roll to the opposite corner. We sure had a good laugh.

Would we go back?  Absolutely.