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chicago pride


Even though I live in beautiful Wisconsin, I will always be a Cubs fan as well as a Blackhawks fan, and when KnitCircus came out with their limited edition of their Chicago-Pride yarn when the Cubs won the World Series, I just had to get it.  I've never made a pair of socks at the same time and it's actually pretty nice, they will be done at the same time :)  

After last weeks football game with the Green Bay Packers pulling off a win, KnitCircus also had Packer yarn. No, I'm not really a Packers fan but living in Wisconsin you kind of get the Packer fever. I just hope that I didn't jinx them for the next game by buying the yarn. :)

mug rugs




I've been making things for my booth and these mug rugs turned out so cute and my little swim fish pincushion find, I'm just loving him.  Gasp!!!! There's a loose thread in my bottom photo LOL!  

I'm still posting from my iPad and this post is from my phone. Let me know what you think, especially if you are viewing my blog from your computers or laptops. Are my photos ok?  I'm thinking if I can post from my phone or iPad I just might post more.



I wish we had time to have been able to stop and have lunch at this cute cafe, it was open for business too.


Looking down the main street that goes through this small town there is not a car in sight.  


What was, no longer is, as with this old gas station.


On my bucket list of things to do, is to drive through the country and see places like this.  Not just to pass by and snap a photo but to stop and take photos and to actually talk to the people and listen to their stories, and when it's time to say goodbye hand them a bottle of our maple syrup and head on down the road to the next town in Americana USA. 

hello 2017


I totally can't believe 2016 has come and gone. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and safely rung in the new year.  I have a few New Years resolutions that I hope to fufill this new year.  One is to blog on a regular basis or at least blog more than I have been blogging.  I'm going to try and blog from my phone or iPad, and we shall see how that goes. So here it is my first blog of 2017 from my phone. 

Bring on the new year.