cancer hat
applesauce making day

knitting...amish and little people

Seems like I've been knitting up a storm lately.  I've been knitting while watching the Cubs make a run to get to the World Series since 1908 and they made it...YAY!!!! Tuesday is game one, and hopefully will finish this hat that I'm knitting, which is the same as the cancer hat in the previous post. My friend wanted me to make her a second hat. 


We had some little people for the night and we kept them pretty busy.  We went to the park and along came an Amish family to have a picnic lunch at the park.  


These two were a bit nervous to go up on the natural rock bridge so I stayed down on the ground while Mr and the older two explored and picked pinecones.



The time went by too quickly with the little people. Oh and, GO CUBS!!!