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knitting...amish and little people

Seems like I've been knitting up a storm lately.  I've been knitting while watching the Cubs make a run to get to the World Series since 1908 and they made it...YAY!!!! Tuesday is game one, and hopefully will finish this hat that I'm knitting, which is the same as the cancer hat in the previous post. My friend wanted me to make her a second hat. 


We had some little people for the night and we kept them pretty busy.  We went to the park and along came an Amish family to have a picnic lunch at the park.  


These two were a bit nervous to go up on the natural rock bridge so I stayed down on the ground while Mr and the older two explored and picked pinecones.



The time went by too quickly with the little people. Oh and, GO CUBS!!!

cancer hat

That ugly word...cancer.

A friend of mine is battling breast cancer and with the colder weather coming I wanted to make her a warm hat to wear when she goes out.


This hat can actually be worn even after her hair grows back.  

I delivered the hat tonight and she loved it.  I'm so glad she did, it's not your typical "cancer" hat and she loved that idea.  

Cancer, it is such an ugly word. 

Edited to add...Cami asked for the pattern for this hat, HERE is the link to the free Ravelry pattern. If you are not on Ravelry e-mail me and I will send it to you in PDF form. 

indian summer

We are into the fall/autumn season and have had a couple of hard frosts.  We've been having a few days of Indian summer which is nice because we can finally get things done outside.  My flower gardens are all cleaned up for the season and all ready for my flowers to pop up next spring.  It's finally starting to dry up and the farmers are starting to harvest their crops. 

The trees on our property mostly turn yellow and when Mr told me about a tree in our woods that was red, I was too excited.  I was just telling Mr that I would like to plant a few maple trees that turn red.

Red leaves

I loved the look of these leaves still attached to a small live tree that somehow got knocked down, the leaves were still green.  It was windy on our walk and the leaves kept blowing, that's why some of the leaves look blurry.


Also on our walk the other night we had a nice show of the moon rise.


I've not been taking my camera with me lately and most of my photos are from my cell phone.  Sometimes it's just easier.


That's what I'm feeling right now, to the point of loving the new dishcloths I made last week.

Soapy sink

I love this time of year when we can go to the apple orchards and we went to the apple orchards last Sunday.  We bought A LOT of apples and plan to do some canning and make applesauce.



Apple box

Of course we had to get some apple cider and apple cider donuts that are so famous in the orchards stores.  So chicken salad made from our yummy chickens that we raised along with cider was lunch with an apple cider donut and a cup of coffee for snack that we enjoyed on Sunday afternoon outside on the beautiful fall day.


The changing of the seasons is something I simply love and summer heading into fall/autumn has always been my favorite time of year, tho spring this year was really nice and I LOVED it, but there's something about the autumn season that causes me to be content in life.