the ditches
and so it begins

wooden box



Cleaning the glue

Wood box

The last of our busyness has come to an end.  We had along with the granddaughters, two of the grandsons here to help paint the logs of our home.  The grandsons were here at separate times and in the times when painting was either done or couldn't be done because of rain they each worked on a project out in the barn with their grandfather teaching them some skills.  The first grandson was here with the granddaughters and he made a knife.  Unfortunately I was busy with the girls while they were making their quilts I never went out to the barn to take pictures of his progress or the finished product with him :(

This grandson came later as he was detasseling the corn in Minnesota and in his downtime he wanted to make a box for his tools since he is taking woodworking in High school this coming year.  I'd say he did an awesome job on his box and trust me when I say the other grandson did an awesome job on his knife.