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high waters

Wow, where did the month of August go?  We have been keeping busy around here and continue to can tomatoes and beans since I've last posted.  We've been having rain and a lot of it lately.  We had rain a few days ago and it ended up as a flash flood where all the creeks overflowed.

Flooded pasture


Swollen creek


Flooded yard

High waters

Fence post 1

Fence post 2

Rushing water

Flood waters rushing

The waters did eventually recede and driving around on Sunday we could see where there was a lot of flooding.



Hopefully we'll start drying out some as we have a lot of work to do around here that needs to get done before the snow flies.

and so it begins

Canning season that is.  I told Mr that I wanted a lot of been plants so that we could can them to fill the pantry and be able to enjoy them in the winter months.  Mr went out the other night and picked some beans and we were able to can one batch of beans and got 7 jars out of it.

Green beans

I started another knitting project, it's an Ariana Shell.  I do have a project almost done but I unfortunately ran out of yarn and had to order some more, and then I'll have to figure out what to make with the leftover yarn which will pretty much be the whole skein...grrrr.

Lima yarn

 Life is good, our busyness seems to be slowing down and I hope to get down in the sewing room soon.


wooden box



Cleaning the glue

Wood box

The last of our busyness has come to an end.  We had along with the granddaughters, two of the grandsons here to help paint the logs of our home.  The grandsons were here at separate times and in the times when painting was either done or couldn't be done because of rain they each worked on a project out in the barn with their grandfather teaching them some skills.  The first grandson was here with the granddaughters and he made a knife.  Unfortunately I was busy with the girls while they were making their quilts I never went out to the barn to take pictures of his progress or the finished product with him :(

This grandson came later as he was detasseling the corn in Minnesota and in his downtime he wanted to make a box for his tools since he is taking woodworking in High school this coming year.  I'd say he did an awesome job on his box and trust me when I say the other grandson did an awesome job on his knife.


the ditches

I've been trying for awhile to get flowers to grow along our ditches.  It's very hard to mow and I thought wild flowers would look good growing there and they have finally started growing.



Even the Queen Anne's Lace growing along the roadside looks so pretty.

Queen annes lace


Looking past the wild flowers I could see the neighbors fields looking so lush and green from the steady rain we've had this summer.

Neighbors fields

Even after such a busy July we've had it's still hard to believe the month is over.

july moments











We've had a busy month starting with our trip to Nashville.  Our daughter-in-law and granddaughters from Texas came up with us for a few days.  Then two granddaughters came for a week and made a quilt from start to finish, never having sewed before and they did an awesome job.

I almost missed the Tree-Ripe truck and the girls and I headed to Tomah Wisconsin to get blueberries.  They wanted to see the Amish so it was a great way to get them both in.

I'm trying to get some knitting done and hopefully this week I will.